Quartzite is a metamorphic rock with a wide range of colours and textures, as well as a high resistance to temperature changes.

Quartzite stone for flooring and cladding

Quartzite has subtle shading variations and can be used for both indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding. Quartzite has remarkable properties, including durability, resistance, a noble appearance, and low water absorption. This material is available in a variety of colours, ranging from the light grey tone of Chennai White Flamed Bioprot to the darker Sherpa Brown Home and Lagos Black Home.

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Quartzite stone

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock distinguished by its exceptional resistance to temperature changes. It is made up of almost 90% quartz and can be slightly de-toned. The most common tones are white, grey, black, pink, or reddish.

Because of its technical properties, it is primarily used as outdoor flooring (though it can also be used indoors), as well as indoor and outdoor cladding. Its high resistance to temperature changes is enhanced by the finishes available, Flamed and Home.