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Aluminium Mosaics

Compositions formed from small pieces that add energy and richness to any space

Aluminium Mosaics


Boundless mosaics

One of the most special and characteristic wall tile options is to use mosaics. Their irregular finish and range of combinations create interesting spaces that are full of nuance, reflections and unique variations.

Texture and movement in different materials

Mosaics made of natural materials bring texture to walls and contribute to a pleasing sense of motion. They are made from a wide range of materials, selected from the best and most beautiful raw materials. Produced in countless colours and in different materials such as wood, stone, ceramic, glass or metal, the hundreds of available tiles can be found in different formats: square, hexagonal, rectangular or even in arrowhead or diamond shapes. There are also mosaics that combine materials, series that work with brushed surfaces, different heights and pieces that unite matte and gloss-finish tiles, multiplying decorative options and giving rise to very different interiors.   

Multitude of designs and materials for any project type

They are commonly used to cover bathroom spaces thanks to their fresh appearance and dynamism and, more specifically, to dress walls that house the shower space, where the richness of the mosaic invokes traditional Greco-Roman baths. Each material used to produce the mosaic tiles adds different subtleties to the decoration. Natural wood mosaics stand out for their three-dimensional volume while glass mosaics stand out for the brightness they give off. Stone mosaics highlight the sobriety and modernity of spaces, and metal mosaics play with light to help create a dramatic appearance. All overcome the barrier of linear designs and create an interesting combination of lights, shadows and relief.