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Laminate flooring is a highly durable material that is both simple and sophisticated


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Laminated Floor

Laminate flooring is characterised by its resistance and is being improved daily by L’Antic Colonial, the PORCELANOSA Group company that specialises in the treatment of natural materials, in order to offer customers a sophisticated product that is capable of recreating a sense of natural beauty in any space. It also has a wide range of colours and formats, making the laminate collection by L’Antic Colonial truly unique.

Laminate flooring by L’Antic Colonial stands out for its particularly high resistance to abrasion and impacts. This surface is also resistant to pressure, scratches, cigarette burns and UV light. It has a high quality coating, making laminate flooring by PORCELANOSA Group extremely solid. It is resistant to dirt and dust and it can be easily vacuumed or cleaned to produce a delightful, hygienic room, guaranteeing attractive living spaces that are particularly appreciated by people with allergies.

Laminate is used both in private and commercial spaces. For this reason L’Antic Colonial offers laminates with different technical characteristics to respond to different construction needs.