Porcelanosa XLight Emerald Green

Large Format Ceramic

XLIGHT features an unparalleled design, revolutionising the world of interior design for homes. The wide range of large format porcelain collections is ideal to decorate walls and floors with excellent quality and a graphic continuity which elevates the visual aesthetics of any space.


What is XLIGHT?

Functionality and beauty come together to make XLIGHT. This technical porcelain tile, in its natural shade, goes one step further, and offers four finishes - Polished, Silk, Texture and Nature - that enhance the limitless design. An innovative and revolutionary material which is available in 270 x 120 cm, 250 x 120 cm, 120 x 120 cm and 59.6 x 120 cm formats with a thickness of 6 cm for high levels of resistance. More than 30 collections by XLIGHT recreate cement, marble, stone, wood and metal with extraordinary realism, furnishing any space with character and distinction.

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Porcelanosa XLight Blue Roma

Technical information

  • Formats
    and thicknesses
  • Pros
  • Graphic
  • Formats and thicknesses Fomatos y espesores
  • Pros
    • ico 1
      Resistant to
    • ico 2
      Resistant to
      impact & scratches
    • ico 3
    • ico 4
      to bends
    • ico 5
      Resistant to
      ice & frost
    • ico 6
    • ico 7
      Resistant to fire
      & high temperatures
    • ico 8
      by UV rays
    • ico 9
      100% natural
      & recyclable
    • ico 10
      Resistant to
      stains & chemicals
    • ico 11
    • ico 12
  • Graphic continuity
    • Continuous design
    • The graphic development continues throughout the different pieces.
    • Infinite horizontal
      continuous design
    • Infinite horizontal continuity within the design, achieved by successively placing the pieces in their original position.
    • Infinite continuous
    • Infinite continuous design, achieved by successively placing the pieces in both vertical and horizontal positions.
Porcelanosa XLight Marquina Black


XLight, timeless large-format porcelain tile

XLight is Porcelanosa's timeless, large-format porcelain tile. A compact, durable material that can withstand natural processes (high and low temperatures) and human processes

Designed to cover facades, interior walls, or movable enclosures, this material's versatility adapts each cut to the needs of each project with two different thicknesses: 6 mm and 9 m
The 6 mm pieces project each design from the 120 cm x 270 cm and 120 cm x 120 cm ceramic sheets as residential cladding and flooring. The 9 mm pieces are designed for heavily trafficked areas

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XLight, extra-fine ceramic tile

With Porcelanosa's XLight, coherent, original, durable designs are possible in both indoor and outdoor areas. This large-format porcelain tile can be used as flooring or cladding, as well as a construction element for facades, doors, or furniture. Its composition averts abrasions or stains produced by chemical or natural agents and its lightness (backsplash) makes it possible to plate doors or cabinets without needing to remove old materials. It can also be used as kitchen, bathroom, or terrace furniture. Its technical characteristics include lightness, impermiability, durability, easy cleaning, and minimal thickness.
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