PAR-KER®, the warmth of wood transported to ceramic tiles

PAR-KER® ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa recreates the texture of natural wood with the strength of ceramics and can be installed as interior or exterior floor or wall tiles

The digital advances and technology used throughout the PAR-KER® production process have made it possible to recreate the natural grain patterns and texture of wood. Its great resilience and versatility have made it one of the most sought-after materials for home improvement and contract projects
PAR-KER® combines ceramic durability with the warmth of wood in a single structure. Among its many properties, the resistance it shows against high and low temperatures, fire, moisture and foot traffic is particularly noteworthy

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PAR-KER® ceramic parquet

PAR-KER® ceramic parquet can be included in any interior design project thanks to the rich colour range and durability present in all its collections. Its ability to stand up to adverse weather and its low maintenance and low porosity make it ideal for installing in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens or outdoor environments like swimming pools. Nanotechnology has been used to incorporate non-slip properties for the pieces in this collection, which in turn means that their colours and finishes remain intact despite the passage of time and solar radiation. Its structure is able to withstand average foot traffic and has fireproof properties in accordance with the requirements established in the Technical Building Code.
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