Linkfloor, the vinyl flooring that never goes out of fashion

Linkfloor is a vinyl flooring by L'Antic Colonial that stands out for its easy installation and strength

Linkfloor is one of the most popular materials for interior renovations thanks to its effortless installation. Its plaited appearance and warm colours, inspired by wood, stone and textiles, increase the elegance of floors and walls
Each of the 13 collections are perfect for covering floors or walls in spaces such as hotels, offices, restaurants and bedrooms. Its resistance to water or moisture works equally in all types of spaces

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Linkfloor - Vinyl flooring

Linkfloor vinyl material is composed of different layers whose finishes simulate plaited textiles, stone or wood. It can be installed on walls (Contract or Wall Contract) or as flooring (Roll Contract, Empire or Hotel Air), using the floating method with the Lock system or by gluing. It can be acquired in long sheets or rolls and used to cover interior floors or walls for home or contract projects.
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