KRION™ Solid Surface

KRION®, the new-generation solid surface.

The compact mineral KRION® is characterized by its warm, smooth surface resembling natural stone, and can be used to build spaces without gaps, with a uniform aesthetic.

KRION® is a new-generation solid surface that can be recycled 100%, as any of its products can be reprocessed and reused in its production cycle.
Its composition is highly durable and able to withstand natural phenomena, impacts, abrasion, and stains. Its heat resistance and flame-retardant properties allow it to come in contact with heat sources without damaging its appearance.

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KRION® Solid Surface.

KRION® is a new-generation solid surface inspired by natural stone. Made up of two-thirds natural minerals and a small percentage of highly durable resins, this material is not porous, is very strong, and has a structure that requires very little maintenance. Its thermo-curving capacity allows for the building or joining of different designs on the same sheet without separations. These qualities allow for it to be used as the main material in facades, outdoor areas, or kitchens (its food use is backed by the UNE-EN ISO 1186 regulations).

KRION®, durability and unique structure.

This material is also used in public and health spaces such as hospitals, health centers, and operating rooms. This is also the case with KRION® K-Life 1100, whose KEAST technology creates safe, healthy spaces thanks to its photocatalytic properties, its bacteriological characteristics, and its easy cleaning. As it is a manipulable, malleable material, it can be used to create circular, square, spiral, or rectangular structures. Its wide range of colors (Colors Series and Colors+ Series) combines over 100 shades ranging from the purest white (1100 Snow White) to pink (6402 Pillow Pink), blue (6703 Santorini Blue), red (6401 Red Fire), and black (6901 Black Metal).

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