Airslate, robust slate that withstands the passage of time

Airslate is a collection of eight slates from the L'Antic Colonial brand that adds understated elegance to spaces with its black, grey and brown shades

Airslate is comprised of pieces ranging from 0.2 cm to 0.4 cm thick and can be installed in curved or flat areas
Its versatile design allows it to be wrapped around walls, wash basins and columns, and its properties remain intact over time or with wear and tear (bumps or abrasion)

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Airslate. Reduced-thickness natural stone laminates

While natural slate is rather dense, the pieces within the AirSlate range stand out for their lightness (5 kg) and their large size (240 cm x 120 cm). These qualities make them easy to incorporate into any project or silhouette, adding greater simplicity and elegance.
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