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Suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings for all types of buildings

Butech's false ceilings are easily handled and conceal elements such as lighting, ventilation ducts, loudspeakers or fire alarm systems

The different perforation levels of Butech suspended ceilings absorb the sound waves and attenuate them by means of a thermo-bonded sound absorption veil inside the ceiling. To enhance this acoustic insulation, Butech has created the fonobasic-P insulator
Butech's suspended ceilings can be adapted to all types of spaces, either for public use, such as hospitals, airports or offices, or private (shopping centres or residential homes). The adaptability and resistance offered by this system allows them to be installed in wet areas or ones with changeable temperatures

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Suspended ceilings

Easily installed and highly resistant, the Fontech suspended ceilings by Butech (PORCELANOSA Group) can be included in all types of spaces. Made from steel, metal or aluminium, this material improves the acoustic quality of buildings, as it isolates them from external noise (insulation fonobasic-P) and balances the room's air-conditioning when faced with high or low temperatures or humidity.

With different models and finishes, some of which are inspired by natural materials such as wood, Butech's suspended ceilings are easy to assemble and disassemble and allow technical elements such as cables, fire alarms, loudspeakers or lighting systems to be concealed inside. A resource that unifies and orders the different building elements in the same decorative line.

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