Capas intermedias - Porcelanosa
Capas intermedias

Intermediate layers for bathrooms and terraces

The intermediate layers by Butech, the PORCELANOSA Group's firm specialised in building solutions and technical materials, can be installed in bathrooms, terraces and swimming pool areas

To prevent water filtration in ceramic tiles and in bathroom structures, Butech has created solutions such as prefabricated panels, drain grates and basins and shower waterproofing systems
Butech products reduce and eliminate moisture, drips or water leakage in areas such as bathrooms, swimming pool areas and terraces

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Preparation of supports and intermediate layers


Butech has developed a series of technical products and materials to eliminate moisture, drips or leaks. Waterproof sheets, water-resistant mortars, drains and decorative grates that prevent water from exceeding the structures of swimming pools, terraces or bathrooms.

Ceramic showers

Ceramic or mosaic shower trays have replaced the traditional fibreglass bases. Butech offers a wide range of prefabricated, ready-to-fit mosaic or ceramic panels, including the slopes for water drainage and waterproofing. This type of base is especially recommended for bathroom renovation projects.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is the most efficient form of heating, as heat is emitted directly onto the objects and the user who come into contact with the floor. This allows the heat to be optimised and distributed evenly to all corners of the house.

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