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Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy, the sustainable energy of the future

The geothermal systems offered by Butech generate heat energy from the subsoil and comply with the sustainable development objectives

This system transports the heat to the geothermal pump and incorporates a thermo-carrier fluid that evaporates the refrigerant gas contained in it, compressing the gas with a compressor
This increase in pressure generates thermal energy that can be used to distribute hot water, heating, cooling or heating of swimming pools

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Geothermal energy.

The sustainability and optimization of natural resources are two priority objectives for Butech, a PORCELANOSA Group company specializing in ventilated façades and construction materials. To comply with current EU environmental regulations and promote responsible energy use, the firm has developed a geothermal system that generates heat from the subsoil.

The exchange with geothermal sensors embedded in the earth allows for heat to be transported to the geothermal pump using a thermo-carrier fluid.

Applicable to all types of buildings, whether residential, office or commercial, this geothermal system allows the temperature to be balanced and controlled through a system integrated within the general structure of the building.

A clean and renewable energy source, geothermal energy takes advantage of stored heat from the sun to produce clean electrical energy that can be used for heating and cooling and to distribute hot water in an ecological way. This system allows savings of up to 50% on electricity bills, reduces CO2 emissions and has low maintenance costs.

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