Bonded facades - Porcelanosa
Bonded facades

Bonded facades - Porcelanosa
Bonded facades

Bonded façades for all types of buildings

Bonded façades are another of the most frequently used building systems in residential or contract projects

The research carried out by the PORCELANOSA Group in recent years has resulted in the development of bonded ceramic façade systems for strengthening the main structures of a building
Bonded ceramic façades have a support on which the high resistance ceramic tile are clad. To fix this system, Butech recommends using mechanical anchors for correct positioning and durability

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Bonded façades

Butech, the PORCELANOSA Group firm specialised in building solutions and assembly materials, has developed bonded ceramic façades. To build a ceramic façade using the bonded façade system, first the support structure is formed on which the ceramic tiles will be positioned using the appropriate bonding materials. In addition, mechanical anchors are often used to strengthen the positioning.

Butech associates the choice of a ceramic brick with the appropriate adhesive and develops grip materials, to meet the new requirements of current ceramic coverings. The firm selects the fixing techniques for correct installation and adapts them to the materials of the PORCELANOSA Group, thus ensuring the correct finishing and conservation of their ceramic façades.

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