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Building systems for the modern home

The construction systems developed by the firm Butech of the PORCELANOSA Group combine the latest advances in building and technology

Meeting the needs of cities and urban centres, the PORCELANOSA Group has developed a series of practical, resilient and sustainable solutions that allow for better integration of buildings with their environment


The PORCELANOSA Group carries out continuous research work for the development of advanced solutions for exterior façade cladding with efficient and safe systems.


Waterproofing, insulation and fixing systems for floors and walls that are suitable to the requirements of each project.


Technical floors or suspended ceilings are just some of the solutions proposed by Butech for the modern home.

Building systems

Architectural solutions. The technical and building solutions offered by the PORCELANOSA Group are in line with market needs. This is the case with efficient installation systems, which allow all the resources of a building to be used and their energy resources optimised. Ventilated facade systems, technical floors, waterproofing and sound insulation processes or renewable energy systems are just some examples of these new generation technical solutions, which all have the sole aim of improving quality and protecting the environment.

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