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Basin taps that provide greater comfort during daily use




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Basin Taps

The top-quality and refined design of the PORCELANOSA Group basin taps come together in a competitive product that transforms the style of any bathroom and bestows added comfort during daily use.

Taps for contemporary bathrooms

When outfitting a bathroom, it is important to choose top-of-the-line taps that can offer technical innovations for optimal user experience on the one hand and finishes that follow the market trends on the other. Current basin taps can be found within minimalist, modern or classic lines. The variety available in the catalogue can accommodate any bathroom. The current trend, however, leans towards refined lines with a single lever for easier use and unencumbered visual lightness. There are also different types of taps for communal bathrooms, with timers or infrared activation for public facilities and models for adapted bathrooms.

Certain models incorporate the Smartbox technology system for a streamlined installation that is hidden behind the wall and which allows for silent tap operation.  The special TRI-Control cartridge integrates flow, temperature and diverter regulation.

All basin taps include the option of implementing ecological hot water regulation features using the cold water opening system to reduce the use of boilers and/or heaters. They are available in several special finishes with proven quality and durability.

Basin taps with different finishes

Using the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technique, a more robust and durable high-gloss coating with resistance to cleaning products and corrosive agents is achieved. This makes it possible to offer special finishes such as copper, light copper, rose gold, gold, shiny nickel, smoky grey, chrome and matte nickel. Black and white finishes—another upward trend—are achieved through the ‘epoxy’ manufacturing method, which consists of applying several layers of spray paint onto the chrome.

ECO basin taps

The different types of aerators make it possible to increase or reduce the flow depending on the pressure, prevent limescale, limit the flow as part of ECO awareness, direct the water jet or select waterfall mode for the water column. The smooth, easy operation of the taps is achieved through cartridges which are made to perform in harsh conditions. Ecological consideration is always present throughout the entire manufacturing process of these products. In the case of taps, these are manufactured with sustainable materials. Furthermore, a flow-limiting device and ECO cartridges are incorporated in order to reduce water consumption by up to 50%.