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Functional and adaptable shower trays that combine design, quality and functionality


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Shower Trays

Our collection of shower trays combines design, quality, and functionality to create easy-to-access spaces where water and wellness meet, creating a comfortable and stylish showering environment.

Functional and Versatile Shower Trays

In addition to enhancing the practicality and safety of the shower space, shower trays can be adapted to various special requirements, providing different solutions to cater to the user's needs. From our product range, you can find shower trays made of acrylic, KRION®, ceramic, enamelled steel, and other resins in a range of sizes, small, large, and extra-large, giving you a broad range of materials and sizes to choose from, to find the perfect shower solution for your project.

Line, Land, and Shower Deck Series

The Line series of shower trays are ideal for ground-level showers, offering easy access to the shower area. These extra-thin trays are made of high-quality materials, ensuring excellent mechanical properties. Land shower plates provide a perfect transition from a bathtub to a functional shower. This series comes with optional panels that match the tray's texture, colour, and format, allowing you to decorate the wall where the bathtub once stood. Shower Deck allows you to create the illusion of an invisible shower tray as it is installed under the tiles, providing a seamless continuation of the surrounding floor tiling in the shower space.