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Shower Heads

Shower heads are decisive elements in designing the ideal shower. In order to enjoy an immersive and relaxing shower experience, it is important to choose a shower head that responds both to daily hygiene needs and the dimensions and format of each shower.

Hydrotherapy at home

All shower heads make it possible to choose between different settings, such as simulated rain, overhead jets or a waterfall experience, as well as programs such as chromotherapy or aromatherapy, which impact wellness and relaxation and help to achieve a peak state of mind.

Depending on the mode of installation, different types of shower heads can be chosen. Some models are fitted to the ceiling while others are fitted to the wall. What’s more, you can choose between those installed using a metal arm and those embedded into the wall.

Rain shower heads stand out for their ability to be placed in any part of the bathroom. Embedded shower heads provide a sense of integration with regard to the shower’s components while also boosting freedom of movement within the shower.  

As for the design and finishes, different lines offer straight or rounded shapes and minimalist or flat features among others. The available finishes are also varied, from quintessential chrome to other more special finishes like copper, gold or white.

ECO awareness

PORCELANOSA Group shower heads feature a sustainable ECO flow limitation system that saves energy, emits less CO2 and helps to reduce water consumption without sacrificing comfort.