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Toilets with sleek designs and features aimed at providing greater comfort.






Our company offers a wide range of toilets with sleek designs and features aimed at providing greater comfort. The toilets are designed to provide a delicate feel and shape, offering functional designs that adapt to the modern bathroom.

Types of toilets

Depending on the installation modality, there are three different types of toilets: toilets with a cistern, independent toilets, and wall-mounted toilets. Toilets with a cistern retain the traditional floor-anchored design with a visible cistern and can be incorporated into any bathroom space. The current models are manufactured with modern, refined shapes.

The independent toilet, on the other hand, hides the cistern during installation, leaving only the toilet fixed to the floor in sight. This option declutters the bathroom space and gives the room a pleasing, open feeling. Finally, the wall-mounted toilet is the most visually light option since it not only hides the cistern but also sits suspended off the floor. These are ideal for minimalist bathrooms and adapt comfortably to any bathroom layout thanks to their reduced size. SmartBox technology, a comprehensive built-in system for total liberty when designing spaces, is an essential part of incorporating this class of toilet. Wall-mounted toilets can be set at a custom height to increase user comfort, are able to support a weight of up to 400 kg and are easier to clean since they eliminate difficult-to-reach spaces.

Top range of sanitary ceramic

All our toilets are manufactured with Noken Ceramic, an ultra-compact ceramic material that guarantees maximum strength in bathroom facilities because it is fired at 1250º. It is an innovative material that is uniquely bright with a Pure White finish that guarantees maximum whiteness.

Smart toilets: features for user comfort

Among the most innovative concepts is the smart suspended toilet, which includes a functional seat with different features such as washing, drying, heating and different programs adapted to the user or the control device for using these features. All our toilets offer the highest quality and most innovative of features, including Ecologic technology to use water more efficiently.