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Flush plates contribute towards an up-to-date and complete atmosphere


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flush plates

Flush plates

Our flush plates bring together top technical features and stylish finishes to enhance any contemporary bathroom design. They also include eco-friendly features that promote environmental sustainability.

Flush plates with eco-friendly flushing and SmartLine flush plates

Flush plates are designed for toilets with concealed cisterns, featuring single or dual flush buttons.

While their primary function is practical, they also help to create a modern and cohesive bathroom environment when properly integrated.

These mechanisms are made of PVC, with classic chrome, white, or black matte finishes. Some models are also available in brushed stainless steel with a fingerprint-resistant finish.

The latest generation of trims and plates for SmartLine toilets offer an elegant, high-tech solution. They feature a sleek black glass plate with a slim profile that triggers flushing simply by proximity, eliminating the need for physical contact, making it an ideal choice for public restrooms.

Flushometres are also water discharge mechanisms for toilets, urinals, and faucets in public bathrooms.

ECO flush plates

Our ECO cistern uses half its capacity, preventing unnecessary water waste with its double-button system. This eco-friendly solution demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We have received the Water Label guarantee, with all of our bathroom products receiving the highest score from this designation. This confirms our commitment to sustainability, water efficiency, and respect for the environment.