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Compact cisterns that can be hidden or shown


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Toilets use a cistern to store and maintain the required amount of water for the flushing and cleaning process. Today’s toilets are designed to be compact units and may either display the cistern or have the cistern hidden behind a wall.

Cistern installation and ECO flushing

Cisterns may be installed on a prewall, solid wall or even set inside in a piece of furniture. Both the depth and the height of the installation are adjustable according to the user’s needs. By choosing to hide the cistern, the available surface in bathroom increases and the visual appearance of the space as a whole is improved.

For the three types of cisterns available, there are two flush systems that vary in the amount of water used: regular and the ecological.

The mega ECO cistern, available for toilets from some of the Noken collections, is designed for a dual flush capability of 6 and 3 litres or of 4.5 and 3 litres). This system allows for continued savings of water up to 25% compared to a traditional flushing method. The cistern uses only half its capacity thanks to its double button system.

The new generation of trims and plates for SmartLine toilets is an elegant and technological solution based on a black glass plate with an extra thin profile that triggers flushing when your hand gets close. It requires no physical contact and is therefore a beneficial characteristic to incorporate into public toilets.