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Designed to maximise comfort when entering the bath and protecting the surroundings areas from water


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Bath Shower Screen

Bath enclosures are designed to fit with precision above different kinds of baths, maximising comfort when entering the bath and protecting the surrounding areas from water.

Safe and sleek enclosures

Manufactured using stainless steel, lacquered aluminium with anti-corrosion treatments, high-safety tempered glass and high-gloss chrome complements, their pure and minimalist designs are focused on ease of use and enjoyment in the bath area.

The current trend favours designs with maximum visual lightness and minimalism, reducing the profile as much as possible so that they are nearly invisible in the bathroom setting.

Bath enclosures can be equipped with articulated bearings, wall-mounted compensation profiles, magnetic latches, easy cleaning treatment (systemglass) and silent closing systems. All the available innovations have been used to bring maximum comfort for the at-home shower experience.

Sliding and folding door enclosures

When choosing the model and characteristics of the bath enclosure, it is essential to define the area to be covered and the type of opening. The most common designs include the linear enclosure, which covers only one side when the shower is surrounded by three walls, and the L-shaped enclosure, when the shower surface is surrounded by two walls.  

However, there are many special solutions available that adapt to more complex spaces, allowing you to overcome obstacles of all kinds. Such obstacles include columns, steps, loft areas or double-height rooms, or, of course, solutions for enclosures with extra room for persons with reduced mobility.

With regard to the opening, it is important to take into account the space surrounding the shower that needs to be covered. If it is a small space, fixed enclosures or sliding doors are the best option. If there is plenty of space, folding-door enclosures offer a wider, more natural entry into the shower area.

It is advisable that the side covered by the screen be at least 120 cm wide, in the case of front screens. Meanwhile the models that cover two sides, as well as the folding-door models, are available starting at 70 cm.

Some of the available series can be customised, from different types of silk screens to different finishes for the colour of the glass: transparent, Black Mirror, bronze, grey or matte..