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Structural elements that defines the personality of the bathroom in a single gesture


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Baths have become an integral part of bathroom design, not just for their functional use but also for their aesthetic appeal. They come in various shapes, sizes, and formats, including freestanding or built-in, large or small, and with or without electronic features. The variety of design choices available makes baths often the focal point of any bathroom and can significantly enhance the room's character.

Designing for Wellness and Comfort

The design of the baths offered by the company is a result of a unique and creative approach, which aims to deliver a functional and stylish product with a user experience that contributes to personal wellness. When choosing the right bathtub, it's essential to consider the quality and strength of the materials used, to ensure maximum durability and ease of maintenance.

The collections of bathtubs available offer a variety of designs and materials, such as acrylic or KRION®, with some collections offering new elements and customizable options.

Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths serve as a defining element of the bathroom, adding character and personality in a single gesture. They offer greater flexibility in organizing bathroom space, as well as easy installation with a sleek and grout-free design.

Hydromassage Baths

Additionally, there is a range of hydromassage baths available, equipped with various water jet, air, and chromotherapy systems to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.