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Pedestals & Semi pedestals

Pedestal and semi-pedestal basins are those which feature a structure that is fixed to the wall and supported by either a ceramic pedestal, which sits on the ground, or a semi-pedestal, which is suspended from the wall.

Versatile basins for comprehensive solutions

Pedestal and semi-pedestal basins allow pipes and conduits to be covered in a simplistic and tidy manner and without using bathroom furniture. It is a very common solution for guest bathrooms or small bathrooms where storage capacity is not as important.

These types of basins are a traditional answer to all kinds of settings. The smoothness and elegance of their shapes combine with components and accessories of different styles and offer the versatility of a universal solution.  

They are ideal for recreating a traditional or vintage bathroom feel combined with classic free-standing bathtubs and fixtures decorated with glass. In more contemporary designs, they fit in more modern environments with natural and refined lines.

High-strength and durable ceramic

We use Noken Ceramic for manufacturing pedestal and semi-pedestal basins. This innovative ceramic range is highly-resistant, durable and simplifies the maintenance process, improving hygiene and enhancing the elegance of the fittings. This ceramic is produced with the purest white appearance in mind, fruit of the careful selection of materials.