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An extensive range of basins in a wide variety of designs from extremely diverse materials





Basins, Sinks and Pedestals

The basin is a crucial component in any bathroom due to its function. There are various types of hand basins available, each with its unique installation method and material composition.

Basins for day-to-day life

The heavy use of sinks in daily personal care routines makes it a vital part of any bathroom. When choosing the right basin, it is important to consider criteria such as style and design. Options include modern, classic, and minimalist designs.

Installation, design and materials

The type of installation method available for basins includes wall-mounted, countertop, under-counter, recessed, or standing. The design of the bathroom and available space will also play a role in determining which option is most suitable. With a focus on design, there are models available that cater to all types of bathroom environments, from functional and austere shapes to vintage classics or avant-garde designs with straight lines and defined angles.

Basins can be made from a variety of materials, including sanitary ceramic, KRION® and other resins, or natural stone.

Regardless of whether it is a common space, hotel, public bathroom, guest bathroom, or small bathroom, there is an ideal basin that fits its specific characteristics and design.