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Mirrors essential items for personal care that enlarge the visual appearance of rooms and fill them with light


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13-13 of 13 results


Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors occupy an important place in our daily life, as they promote and improve personal hygiene by providing us a true image of ourselves and our close surroundings.

Decorative and functional elements

Mirrors also function as a striking decorative element in interior design and, more specifically, in bathroom design, where they become essential items for personal care.

Being reflective surfaces, mirrors help to enlarge the visual appearance of rooms and fill them with light. Consequently, their size and strategic placement become important factors in design.

Customisation and services

As an optimal solution, the PORCELANOSA Group offers customers the opportunity to customise their mirror, allowing them to choose from a number of bases and a variety of other options: profile type, edge type, perimeter lighting; embedded upper, lower or lateral lighting; type of sensor activation, choosing either manual or tactile; recessed or anchored to the wall; or equipped with technological innovations such as Bluetooth and speakers.  

Within our range of mirrors, smart cabinets stand out for their practicality. This series of bathroom furniture is designed with a dual function in mind: both a mirror and a storage solution. These small, mirror-fronted cabinets are suspended over the wash basin and can incorporate technology such as motion sensors, demisting devices, LED lights, etc.