Mirrors essential items for personal care that enlarge the visual appearance of rooms and fill them with light


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Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors play a significant role in our everyday life, as they enhance personal hygiene by giving us an accurate reflection of ourselves and our surroundings.

Decorative and Practical Features

Mirrors also serve as a striking decorative feature in interior design, particularly in bathroom design where they are essential for personal grooming. As reflective surfaces, mirrors contribute to the enlargement of the visual appearance of a room and fill it with light. As such, the size and placement of mirrors are crucial factors in design.

Personalisation and Services

As a premium solution, our company offers customers the option to personalise their mirrors. They can choose from a range of bases and options such as profile type, edge type, perimeter lighting, embedded lighting, manual or tactile sensor activation, wall mounted or recessed, and even equipped with advanced technologies such as Bluetooth and speakers. Our collection of mirrors features smart cabinets, which stand out for their practicality. These bathroom furnishings serve a dual purpose as both a mirror and storage solution. The small, mirror-fronted cabinets are hung above the wash basin and can come with features like motion sensors, demisting devices, LED lights, etc.