August 29, 2023


Put your home in order after summer

After the vacation period, a home needs to undergo a thorough cleaning to make sure it is in perfect condition

As the days get shorter and it's clear that summer is coming to an end, this means that we will soon be going back home, and to the old routines. In today's post, we'll show you what to focus on and what you should do to make your home shine like new.

Aged Clay, XLIGHT by Porcelanosa.
Aged Clay, XLIGHT by Porcelanosa.

Keys to cleaning each material

Ceramic, natural stone, wood. No matter the material. Everything needs regular maintenance to maintain its appearance over time.

• Ceramic

Ceramic is a material with great aesthetic and technical features. Large pieces, from 120cm x 120cm, not only provide visual continuity to walls and floors, they reduce the number of joints, and thus make cleaning easier.

For the routine cleaning of PORCELANOSA ceramic tiles, we recommend following these tips:

- Use a microfiber cloth or a sponge moistened with very hot water.
- Use neutral cleaning products.
- Rinse with enough water to make sure all the dirt is removed.

To wash ceramic in bathrooms, we suggest the following periodic cleaning:

- Use a suitable detergent product to remove any soap or lime stains that may have formed.
- Let stand for a few minutes.
- Wash off with plenty of water.

Glem White, XLIGHT by Porcelanosa.

• Wood

This material and its associated products in general - parquet, laminate flooring, wooden panels or wooden mosaics by L'Antic Colonial - are subject to the climatic conditions of the space where they are installed. Here are some tips to make sure you get the maximum performance from the wood and keep the floor and wall tiles in perfect condition.

- Keep the product at the recommended humidity and temperature conditions, at a temperature of 20° to 23º C.
- Use curtains or blinds to protect wood from direct sunlight. This will keep furniture and floors from fading and getting dull.

(1) Airslate Delhi Quercus and Wood Cubes natural wood mosaics by L'Antic Colonial. | (2) Linkfloor Feudal Beige and Skins Clarence wall tiles in Coal and Taupe finish by L'Antic Colonial.

Note: changes in humidity in a space make natural wood expand or contract. To prevent or reduce these changes, use a dehumidifier or ventilation.

If you have underfloor heating and cooling systems with water pipes:

- An effective control system keeps water that condenses out of the air from penetrating the floor, avoiding uncontrolled wetting of the wood, which can damage the floor through warping, cracks or holes.
- To ensure comfort, the surface temperature of the floor tiles should be between 20 and 27° C.

• Sintered stone

Sintered stone is the perfect choice for any interior or exterior space. Its composition and excellent features make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. To keep sintered stone slabs looking new, follow these recommendations:

- It is advisable to clean the surface with a washing solution using a neutral (ammonia-based) cleaner at the dose recommended by the manufacturer. Then wipe with a dry cloth with no wax additives.
- To prevent the polished finish (XTONE) from losing its shine over time, we recommend using water-based creams and white scouring pads to restore the material's original finish.
- To maintain wall tiles, you should use neutral detergents or more specific products. There may be oil or coffee residue on these surfaces.

Note: sintered stone surfaces with polished and silk finishes demand special attention; especially if they have plain, light colors. For daily cleaning, use a slightly moistened cloth and avoid products containing waxes, since they can darken the surfaces.

Bottega Caliza floor and wall tiles by XTONE.
Bottega Caliza floor and wall tiles by XTONE.

Clean bathrooms, hygienic spaces

• Drains

The drains of shower trays and terraces, especially if installed on plots - raised exterior floor by Butech - require some maintenance:

- When you get back from vacation, thoroughly clean this important element of the shower or bathtub to help get rid of any obstacles that may hinder the flow of water.
- Fill the traps with water from the drains, since over time, and especially with high temperatures, they empty, which can cause bad odors.

Malaga Ocean and Marmi China wall tiles by Porcelanosa, and Lineal Chrome grille by Butech.
Malaga Ocean and Marmi China wall tiles by Porcelanosa, and Lineal Chrome grille by Butech.

• Toilets

They are an essential part of any bathroom and require maximum hygiene. Rimless NK-Clean toilets ensure efficient cleaning of this element. This system lets the water flow vigorously inside the bowl and reach every corner.

To better clean ceramic surfaces in bathrooms, removable seats (Lift Up technology by Noken) make it easier to disinfect and maintain this component. In this post, find out how to clean every element in the bathroom.

Don't forget to use candles or air fresheners, which will provide a relaxing feel and pleasant scent to the room.

Note: if you have any questions about how to clean a material, check the data sheet for the relevant product.

Lounge toilet and bidet by Noken.
Lounge toilet and bidet by Noken.

Tidiness, your great ally

After the summer break is the perfect time to prepare your closet for winter. Since we'll have a lot of clothes to launder after vacation, the key is to empty out the closet. With these tips, you'll no doubt be able to make the most of the space in your closet or dressing room:

- Divide your garments into piles to get an overview of what you use and what you could donate or recycle.
- Deep clean the clothes racks and drawers: every nook and cranny you don't notice the rest of the year.
- Once you decide what to keep, organize your clothes into piles by color, use or type of garment.
- Keep in mind the interior configuration of the closet and analyze your needs and how you will store your belongings. This way, you will make the most of the space.
- Set aside space on the shelves to stack T-shirts and sweaters.
- Place any bags, suitcases, hats and other accessories at the top of the closet. By contrast, set aside room at the bottom for shoes or any sports equipment you use.
- Use spacers and organizers to neatly arrange all your clothes and accessories: scarves, ties or scarves.

F2 Cement Mate Transparent Glass walk-in closet and Fluffy Loira armchair by Gamadecor, and Calacatta Gold Nature and Paonazzo Biondo Pulido tables by XTONE.
F2 Cement Mate Transparent Glass walk-in closet and Fluffy Loira armchair by Gamadecor, and Calacatta Gold Nature and Paonazzo Biondo Pulido tables by XTONE.

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