November 8, 2023


10 ideas for a Nordic style living room

A neutral color palette, minimalist décor, and an abundance of natural light define the design of a Nordic style living room.

Nordic style living room design is one of the most popular trends in interior decoration. A movement characterized by its simplicity and clean aesthetics, and which can add brightness and warmth to one of the most important rooms in the home.

Mystic Grey by Porcelanosa.

The charm of the Nordic living rooms

The Nordic style has its roots in the Scandinavian countries, which include Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. It emerged in the 1950s as a response to functionalist minimalism. A trend that focused on creating bright and cozy interior spaces in the long, dark winters of northern Europe. Scandinavian designers found inspiration in nature, using light colors and natural materials to bring the beauty of the outside world inside the home.

Heritage Anthracite + Alicante + Tarragona+ Madrid Ceramics
Rustic Table Tawny Rectangle by L’Antic Colonial.

To combat the lack of light in these geographical areas, the Nordic style makes predominant use of white. It also opts for beige tones and makes it easier for natural light to enter. Living rooms are thus one of the spaces where the Nordic style shines with particular intensity.

The essential elements of a Nordic style living room

The Nordic style is much more than white and wood. It can be combined with other aesthetics such as Japanese, resulting in the Japandi style. It can also include subtle touches of color in textiles and simple and refined decorative ornamentation. Key principles include symmetry, order and balance. These are the most important points that define a Nordic style living room:

Metropolitan Nature Antracita + PAR-KER Tanzania Nut by Porcelanosa

Metropolitan Nature Antracita + PAR-KER® Tanzania Nut by Porcelanosa
  • Neutral colors. The use of soft, neutral colors is one of the hallmarks of the Nordic style. Whites, grays and earth tones can be used on the walls, ceilings and furniture to create a calm and bright atmosphere.
  • Natural materials. Natural materials such as wood, leather and wool are essential in Nordic style living room design. Light-colored wood is used for flooring, furniture and accessories, bringing warmth and texture to the décor.
  • Luminosity. Abundant natural light is essential in Nordic style. Large, clear windows allow light to enter, with light curtains or blinds used to regulate lighting as necessary.
  • Functional furniture. Functionality is a key principle in this trend. Nordic style living room furniture should be sleek and simple, with clean lines and a focus on practicality. Sofas and chairs are usually comfortable, but without decorative excesses.
  • Touches of color. Although the Nordic style tends to be minimalist in terms of color, it is common to add some touches to break the monotony. Cushions, blankets or small decorative objects in pastel shades or soft colors can add elements of visual interest.

Tips and tricks for a Nordic style living room

After having explored the principles of Nordic style in living rooms, here are some tips and tricks to design a Nordic style living room:

Mosaic World Amsterdam Brick Beige + Parqué Monarch 1L Maria by L'Antic Colonial
Mosaic World Amsterdam Brick Beige + Parqué Monarch 1L Maria by L'Antic Colonial

1 - Nordic style living room furniture. Sofas and chairs should feature clean lines and simple forms. Fabric sofas in neutral colors or leather are common. We can add cushions and blankets in natural fabrics for added comfort and warmth. In this regard, Gamadecor has a wide range of living room furniture that can be perfectly adapted to the Nordic style.

2 - White walls. White walls are a perfect canvas for a Nordic style living room. Black and white elements that break the rhythm or even a wall in a soft color can also be very effective.

3 - Coffee tables. A coffee table made of light-colored wood or glass fits perfectly in a Nordic style living room. Other great materials include Porcelanosa ceramics or even XTONE sintered stone. Just as long as the colors are correct. Books and candles also make for good decorative elements.

4 - Rugs. Wool or cotton rugs in soft colors can add warmth and define zones in a Nordic style living room. These should have simple, geometric designs.

5 - Plants and nature. The Nordic style is inspired by nature, so plants are a perfect complement. Pots with ferns, cacti or other houseplants are ideal to liven up the space.

6 - Wooden flooring. Wooden floors, such as those of L'Antic Colonial, are an iconic feature of the Nordic style. Best to go for light and soft-grained woods to keep the atmosphere bright and relaxed.

7 - Furniture with storage. This trend maximizes organization and functionality. Best to select living room furniture with Nordic style and large storage capacity. Some examples would be open shelves or minimalist cabinets

E3.70 Blanco Glass Blanco Emotions Matte kitchen-living room by Gamadecor
E3.70 Blanco Glass Blanco Emotions Matte kitchen-living room by Gamadecor

XTONE Aged Clay Nature by Porcelanosa
XTONE Aged Clay Nature by Porcelanosa

8 - Lighting. Hanging lamps (post to link to be posted 6-11-2023) of Scandinavian design are an ideal choice for lighting the living room. In the Gamadecor lighting catalog, we will find several options for achieving a warm and functional Nordic style. We can also add floor lamps with light fabric shades for soft and pleasant lighting.

9 - Scandinavian details. Adding small Scandinavian details such as geometric patterned cushions, knitted blankets, or scented candles creates an extra authentic touch.

10 - Art and personal decoration. Finally, we can personalize the living room with pieces of art or other decorative elements that reflect the tastes of the inhabitants of the house. The Nordic style is versatile and lends itself to the

How hygge influences a Nordic style living room

Hygge is a Danish concept that has become highly popular in recent years. It refers to a sense of comfort, well-being and satisfaction. It is a philosophy that goes beyond interior design and seeks to create a welcoming and warm environment.

Nordic style and hygge are two related terms that share similar values and principles. The creation of comfortable and warm environments, promoting relaxed atmospheres, the connection with people around us, the use of natural elements and the use of quality time are some of the characteristics of the hygge living room that can be used in the design of a Nordic style living room. It is a combination that creates cozy and relaxing spaces, fostering happiness and connection with others, reflecting the beauty of Scandinavian culture.

Parqué Nature 1L Grey + Skins Empyreal Leather Grey by L'Antic Colonial

Parqué Nature 1L Grey + Skins Empyreal Leather Grey by L'Antic Colonial

Nordic style living room, elegance and timelessness

In short, the design of a Nordic style living room is based on simplicity, functionality and simplicity. Neutral colors, functional furniture, an abundance of natural light, and natural elements are the pillars of this trend. The perfect choice for an elegant, cozy and timeless room.

In your nearest PORCELANOSA store you will find many more ideas with which to design your Nordic style living room.

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