September 13, 2023


Discover modern living room furniture by Gamadecor

The sofa, the armchair, the modular furniture, the coffee tables and the dining room chairs are combined with the interior design of the house.

Contemporary and functional, the modern living room furniture by PORCELANOSA Group elevate the aesthetics and versatility of a space. Sofas, armchairs, chairs, modular furniture and tables with clean lines to achieve a completely personal atmosphere.

As interior design trends evolve, so do the options available for Living furniture. From modular furniture that connects the kitchen and living room, to comfortable sofas made from sustainable materials and versatile coffee tables. Modern living room furniture that helps to renew the atmosphere of the house and create a personal ambience.

Loira Fold Sofa with L7 Roble Polvo modular furniture and XTONE Carrara coffee table.

Loira Fold Sofa with L7 Roble Polvo modular furniture and XTONE Carrara coffee table.

Armchair, sofa... What other elements are part of Living furniture?

The Living concept brings together the different furniture elements that complete a home. From sofas and armchairs to chairs and auxiliary furniture that provide comfort, convenience and design. This modern living room furniture allows you to maintain aesthetic continuity with the rest of the house. Below, we explore the main living room furniture according to their typology:

Modular sofas

Modular sofas are one of the most popular trends in recent years. These sofas offer great flexibility and versatility by allowing you to rearrange their sections to adapt them to different needs and spaces. Many models have integrated elements. Side tables, shelves, chaise longue sofas, or even additional beds are an ideal option to maximize space.

(1) Sofa Fold, by Gamadecor. (2) Sofa Stripes by Gamadecor. (3) Sofa Seems, by Gamadecor.

Designed for any type of space and aimed at maximizing user comfort, Gamadecor, a firm specializing in PORCELANOSA Group furniture, has a collection of sofas that reinforce the decoration of a living room thanks to their modular character and Cien Sable finishes. With a tubular structure supported by iron legs, the Fold, Stripes and Seems models extend the limits of space thanks to their continuous design, pure shapes and neutral colors.

By means of a continuous fold and a side cushion, the Fold model unites aesthetics and functionality, turning simplicity into added value. A little different, but just as comfortable, is the Stripes model. With a fork shape at the corner and a separate frame for each module, the Stripes sofa features a harmonious and customizable design with straight seats of different densities.

The organic lines and minimalist elegance of the Seems sofa make it an iconic and versatile piece. With an adjustable headrest that improves the user's posture and seats that extend automatically, this model allows multiple combinations due to its curved arms.

Multifunctional sofas

Multifunctional sofas are also gaining prominence in modern living room furniture. These innovative designs combine comfortable seating with additional features, such as built-in storage or wireless charging systems for electronic devices.

The increasing dependence on technology in our daily lives makes multifunctional sofas a practical and elegant solution. Their multifunctionality allows us to stay connected and to organize our spaces efficiently.

Armchairs with contemporary design

(1) Wings Turia armchair with modular furniture L6.30 Roble Noche and Feel table. (2) Fluffy armchair, by Gamadecor.

The armchair has evolved a lot in recent years towards comfort and versatility. Elements that combine style and functionality with high quality materials and customization options. One example is the curvilinear designs of Gamadecor, Fluffy and Wings.

Fusing the classic aesthetics of the wing chair with more avant-garde lines, the Fluffy chair symbolizes the new generation of armchairs that stand out for their comfort, beauty and personality. This retro nod is even more noticeable in the Wings armchair. This updated interpretation of the legendary Butterfly or BFK steel and leather chair now features straight legs that further enhance its uniqueness.

Dining chairs and stools

Feel Roble Torrefacto Ganges Chairs, by Gamadecor.

Feel Roble Torrefacto Ganges Chairs, by Gamadecor.

Trends in dining chairs and stools within modern living room furniture lean toward style and functionality. Attractive proposals that are ergonomic and comfortable for daily use. Natural materials, such as wood and leather, add a touch of warmth and elegance to the spaces.
Customization has also become essential. The multiple options of colors and finishes allow these pieces to adapt to any taste and decorative style. Collections such as Forest, Forma, Duna or Feel, from Gamadecor, provide that level of versatility and comfort required for the most current needs.

Modular furniture

Gamadecor modular furniture with Xtone Tivoli Beige Nature, Roble Cobre and Golden White Polished marble finish.

The growing demand for open-plan spaces that combine kitchen and living room has led to the emergence of modern living room furniture that serve as a link between these two rooms. Modular furniture achieves this union by elegantly and practically integrating the two atmospheres.

For successful integration, it is essential to have a wide variety of modules, such as drawers, wall units, tall units, pedestals, shelves or desks that allow a suitable configuration. It is also important to remember that this furniture is born to create continuity with the kitchen, so it should also have a great variety in terms of finishes that reinforce the style of the whole.

Coffee tables

Coffee tables are evolving beyond their traditional function as a surface to hold drinks and magazines to become pieces designed from a more versatile and practical perspective. For example, some coffee tables have additional storage with drawers or shelves that allow you to better organize your space.

Another interesting trend is height-adjustable coffee tables. These can be raised or lowered as needed, either for use as a makeshift desk or to adapt to different heights. Coffee tables that expand or fold are another excellent choice for smaller spaces, where functionality and optimization are key.

Gamadecor's Living catalog includes collections such as Feel, Zig-Zag, Equis, Ciclope and Palio. Among them, we find circular, rectangular, single or double height, single block or metal leg designs.

Sustainability and minimalism in modern living room furniture

The growing and essential importance of sustainability and environmental care in our society has led to an increase in the demand for modern living room furniture made from natural and sustainable materials. Solid wood, especially from responsible sources, is the most common choice for coffee tables, bookcases and dining chairs. In addition to being durable and resistant, wood brings warmth and natural beauty to any space.

Feel Roble Torrefacto Ganges Chair, by Gamadecor.

Feel Roble Torrefacto Ganges Chair, by Gamadecor.

Meanwhile, minimalist style and Scandinavian trends continue to dominate interior design in recent years. An influence that has spread to Living furniture. Characterized by clean lines, neutral colors and a focus on functionality, such furniture is perfect for creating cozy minimalist environments.

Straight-lined sofas and armchairs, combined with light wood coffee tables and slender metal legs, are distinctive elements of the modern Scandinavian style. To add a touch of warmth, cushions and textiles in soft tones and cozy textures can be incorporated. Lighting is also fundamental in this style. Elegantly designed pendant lamps provide soft, ambient light that envelops the space.

You can see the entire Living collection of modern living room furniture by Gamadecor at your nearest Porcelanosa store.

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