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The best design toilet for your bathroom

Today, the design of a toilet is marked by its water efficiency, hygiene, accessibility and comfort.

The toilet is an essential piece of our daily use of a bathroom. These elements, which are an integral part of our homes and workplaces, have evolved enormously. From classic models to the most innovative, each toilet has characteristics that go beyond its basic function. Their design, technology and impact on our health are some of the parameters that we will analyze in this post.

Acro Compact toilet by Noken.

Acro Compact toilet by Noken.

The components of a toilet

A toilet is an essential sanitary device that consists of several parts. Each of them plays a specific role in its operation. These are the most common parts of a toilet:

Acro Compact toilet and frame by Noken.

Acro Compact toilet and frame by Noken.

Toilet bowls. It is the part of the toilet that we sit on. It can come in different shapes and styles, and be made of various materials, such as sanitary porcelain.

Seat. The seat is the upper part of the toilet that comes into contact with people. It is usually made of plastic and can also have different shapes and designs. Some toilet seats have additional features such as heating or soft closing.

Tank. It is the upper part of the toilet that stores the water needed for flushing. It contains mechanisms such as the water inlet valve, the discharge valve and the float system.

Water inlet valve. This part controls the flow of water to the toilet tank. It opens to allow water enter when flushing is activated and closes when full.

Float mechanism. This is a device inside the tank that regulates the water level. When it reaches a specific point, the float closes the water inlet valve.

Discharge valve. This valve controls the release of water from the tank into the bowl when the flush is activated. It can be of the single-discharge or dual-discharge type. In this way, the user chooses between a full and a partial discharge, with the objective of saving water.

Discharge lever. The discharge lever is a handle located on the side or front of the tank. Pressing or pulling the lever activates the flush valve, releasing the water into the bowl.

Siphon. The siphon is a U-shaped curve at the bottom of the bowl. This part prevents unpleasant odors from the sewage system from backing up into the bathroom.

The toilet is completed with other essential parts such as the flange, mounting bolts, tank fixing bolts, water connections and a drain pipe.

Wall-or floor-mounted toilet?

Today, in addition to being functional, toilets are an expression of style and design in the home. From a classic tank to more modern wall-mounted toilets, there are a wide variety of options to suit any aesthetic preference.

Arquitect suspended toilet and bidet by Noken.Arquitect suspended toilet and bidet by Noken.
Acro Compact floor-standing toilet and bidet by Noken.Acro Compact floor-standing toilet and bidet by Noken.

The wall-mounted toilet is fixed directly to the wall, creating a light and contemporary look. This choice also facilitates cleaning around the toilet by eliminating the base on the floor. Likewise, wall-hung toilets often incorporate space-saving features such as a concealed cistern. Applications that make this type of sanitaryware the most used option in small bathrooms or in those that prioritize simplicity. Essence C and Lounge models by Noken are an example of wall-mounted toilets with a minimalist and functional aesthetic.

On the other hand, floor-standing toilets stand out for their timelessness and for not requiring construction work for their installation. In addition, as the most traditionally used design, there is a greater variety of formats such as Noken's Arquitect and Acro Compact series.

Design and current styles in toilets

The design of a toilet will influence the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. In addition to being functional, it should be in keeping with the style of the rest of the room. The lines, shape and finishes of a toilet can help to considerably enhance the experience of its daily use.

(1) Essence-C Rosa Flamenco toilet and bidet by Noken. (2) Inodoro y bidé Lounge Negro Mate, diseñado por Simone Micheli para Noken.

Along these lines, Porcelanosa Group's specialized bathroom equipment firm has developed the Finish Studio concept. A series of finishes that adorn the Essence C Compact models in vibrant colors such as flamingo pink or crocodile green. These pastel shades achieve a unique design for the toilet that brings it closer to the latest bathroom trends.

In addition, the versatility of the toilets enables the creation of truly exclusive pieces. This is the case of Noken, which, collaborating with architects of the stature of Simone Micheli, has developed collections such as Lounge that move away from the conventional imaginary of a toilet.

Smart toilet: The fusion of technology and comfort

In the digital age, smart toilets have elevated the bathroom experience to a whole new level. These devices are now equipped with a variety of features, from heated seats to built-in bidets and remote controls. Smart toilets offer luxury functionality and are designed to improve personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Noken I-Comfort Line smart toilet.

In this sense, Noken Porcelanosa Bathroom has different I-Smart solutions with which to achieve a more hygienic and efficient daily use of the toilet. Acro Compact I-Smart is a Japanese toilet with a water jet and various massage systems, in addition to other functions. Its self-monitoring technology makes it possible to differentiate between posterior (male) and anterior (female) washing. It also allows water temperature regulation and five-level drying. A personalized and comfortable experience for each user.

Other aspects to be taken into account

Water efficiency

Environmental awareness has led to the development of dual-flush toilets. These toilets allow a choice between a full flush or a partial flush, thus reducing total water consumption.


Ergonomics has reached the world of toilets with designs that mimic the natural squatting position. This arrangement seeks to improve the user's posture, which may have long-term digestive health benefits.

In addition, some toilets offer seats with massage and heating features, providing a more relaxing and comfortable experience. These innovations focus on the primary function of the toilet and on improving the overall well-being of the user.

Essence-C toilet by Noken.

Essence-C toilet by Noken.

Toilet cover: Lift-off and Soft-Close

The lid of a toilet is another element to which we should pay attention. This is the part that closes the toilet and helps reduce odors. In addition, it is in constant contact with our skin, so its cleaning and maintenance must be very simple.

In this regard, Noken's Lift-Off seats fuse elegance and functionality. A simple mechanism that allows the seat to be easily disengaged, making cleaning quicker and more convenient.

Soft-Close, on the other hand, is Noken's soft-close system for toilet lids. A technology that prevents sudden drops, as well as sudden shocks and annoying noises.

The evolution of the toilet

The toilet is much more than a utilitarian device. This is an essential element in our daily hygiene that is constantly evolving. If its design is currently focused on water efficiency, accessibility and comfort; The future could be marked by advances in biotechnology or the integration of sensors that would allow continuous health monitoring.

Acro Compact toilet by Noken.

Acro Compact toilet by Noken.

Each type of toilet offers a unique user experience. Choosing the right model goes beyond basic function. It is an expression of style and an important consideration for the health and well-being of those who use it.

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