November 13, 2023 | Updated: November 28, 2023


Porcelanosa at Design Week Mexico: a journey of creativity and design

Three Mexican architecture and interior design studios bring their spaces to life at Design House with designs and materials from the PORCELANOSA Group

For the past fifteen years, Design Week Mexico has been a benchmark for inspiration and collaboration in the country's design world. At its most recent event, held from October 10 to November 5, Porcelanosa participated in the event's main showcase platform, Design House. During this annual event, renowned professionals work together in the different rooms of a building to turn every corner into a unique space.

Spaces by Faci Leboreiro (1), Panebianco (2), and Espacio Tangible (3) at Design House Mexico

The central theme of Design House 2023, "The New Mexican House", gave free rein to the creativity of more than 30 architecture and interior design firms that transformed spaces, bringing their conceptions to life. Some of PORCELANOSA Group's most outstanding collections took center stage in the spaces designed by the Faci Leboreiro, Panebianco, and Espacio Tangible studios.


Coffee lounge by Faci Leboreiro: awakening the senses

The architectural firm Faci Leboreiro, led by Carlos Faci and Marina Leboreiro, transformed a surface of 24 square meters into a coffee lounge that stimulated all of the senses.

Inspired by the process that starts with the harvesting of coffee beans up until the moment when we can enjoy the first hot cup, the firm paid homage to this iconic beverage. "On this occasion, we stepped into a space that functioned as a dining room, but we added a fun twist to it. We wanted the space to represent the different stages the coffee bean goes through from the moment it is grown until it reaches a cup...", the studio explained.

Café Lounge by Faci Leboreiro at Design House Mexico 2023

The designers carefully selected the materials, from the wallpaper to the installation by artist Mónica Mussali which takes the form of a ceiling made of sheets of paper dipped in coffee. The table, made with XTONE's Paonazzo Biondo collection, added a touch of warmth and harmony to the environment, transforming this setting into an essential stop to awaken the senses and enjoy the craftsmanship behind every sip of coffee.


Studio Panebianco: inspired by copper

Laura Panebianco, from Studio Panebianco,used copper as a starting point in the design of a space comprised of a bedroom, an office, and a bathroom. With contemporary furnishings and copper objects handcrafted in Santa Clara del Cobre, the space embodied a modern, trendy aesthetic intertwined with a deep respect for traditional design and production.

Studio Panebianco's space at Design House Mexico 2023

Drawing inspiration from copper, the scheme is the fruit of a collaboration between Laura Panebianco with Design Within Reach México and studio Goldberg Interiores. Materials including Deco Gasa Topo Moka and Treviso Beige by Porcelanosa, and Advance Nude natural wood flooring by L'Antic Colonial are interspersed with pieces by Mexican artists, creating a space buzzing with interest.

Space designed by TANGIBLE at Design House Mexico 23

Espacio Tangible: a temple for tranquility


The Espacio Tangible team created a meditative sanctuary in the spa area that merged organic shapes with natural materials. According to architect María Rubio, the concept was inspired by caves and temazcales, bringing these elements to a modern and contemporary Mexican house.

The space was made up of bare materials, such as the Savannah Topo wall tiles by Porcelanosa, and the Slender basin and Lignage column in a bronze finish by Noken, which reflected the deepest intimacy of one's being. Inviting a sense of calm and relaxation, this environment, called "Ciénaga" (swamp), became a space of transformation where the body and mind were united so as to be reborn.


Spa by Espacio Tangible at Design House Mexico 2023

PORCELANOSA Group's participation in Design Week Mexico 2023 strengthened the brand's commitment to high-end architecture and its collaboration with leading professionals in the local industry. The three spaces presented embodied innovation, creativity, and design with a contemporary view of Mexican architecture and interior design.

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