November 17, 2023


Acantilado: a renewed perspective over the Atlantic

The house, located in Tenerife, has improved the functionality of the outdoor spaces.

A privileged enclave bathed in light. First line to enjoy every sunrise and sunset. The partial renovation of this single-family residence changes its exterior image and enhances the brightness of its interiors.

The redistribution of the rooms, orchestrated by Esteban Rosell Arquitectura, has been key in this project. With the previous configuration of Acantilado, the views were wasted, as the garage and storage room were located at the front. The office now faces the sea, benefiting from the natural light that shines directly into the interior of the house.

The paving is the common thread in this project, both indoors and outdoors: office area, porch pavement and stairs, and pool basin, stairs, front and water collection channel. The project features the Bottega Topo model, a cement-effect ceramic. Its design presents an industrial trend aesthetic that enriches the environments, giving them a contemporary style.

Bottega Topo has been used for the office, together with Par-ker® Nobu Arce. The fusion of both models creates an original floor design. This combines the modernity of concrete with the appearance of wood, creating a warm atmosphere, enhanced by the placement of a fireplace.

In the refurbishment of Acantilado, the different slopes were eliminated in order to gain outdoor spaces, such as the solarium, the viewpoint or the infinity pool. Alongside these spaces, the porch has been improved, including a new system of horizontal slats that integrate and disappear into the original architecture of the house.

After the refurbishment, the spaces created are those most used by the clients and the property has been renewed. The transformation and the union of the areas subject to intervention - the garden and the exterior walkways, the porch, the swimming pool and the office - highlight the comprehensive renewal of these spaces and their and the visual impact on the building as a whole.

At the same time, a swimming channel has been installed, making use of the original garden beds, which were previously unused. Once again, in Acantilado, the area of the property that has the best views is configured in a new way for the use and enjoyment of the client.

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