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The 7 most elegant models of ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps bring an extra aesthetic touch and warmth to interior lighting

Their placement has a significant impact on the functionality and perception of the surrounding environment. In the following post we tell you everything you need to know about this essential element in interior decoration.

Kitchen and ceiling lamp model by Gamadecor.

Kitchen and ceiling lamp model by Gamadecor.

The advantages of ceiling lamps

Ceiling lights are popular in interior lighting because of the many advantages they offer. Here we outline some of the main benefits of ceiling lights:

  • General lighting. Ceiling lamps provide excellent lighting in a room, with their location allowing light to be distributed evenly across all directions. In this link you will find other ideas for lighting spaces.
  • Space-saving. They are not placed on the floor or table surfaces. This makes them ideal for smaller rooms or with low ceilings. This allows the space available to be maximized and the environment to be kept clear.
  • Design Versatility. Its wide variety of sizes and designs adapts to different types of interior design. You can find ceiling lamps to fit any aesthetic: from classic and elegant to modern and minimalist.
  • Decorative focal points. They can act as decorative focal points, whether in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in a living room. An eye-catching or elegant design can attract attention and enhance the interior design.
  • Intensity of light. Many ceiling lamps allow for the dimming of light, providing flexibility in lighting an environment. With the installation of these dimmers you can create the desired atmosphere at different times of the day or for different activities.
  • Easy to maintain and clean. Hanging lamps are easier to maintain and clean than floor or table lamps. They do not accumulate dust at the same speed and require less maintenance.
  • Greater durability. Ceiling lamps are well secured and mounted on the ceiling. This entails a lower risk of accidents or falls. They are thus often a better long-term option.
  • Sensation of ceiling height. Hanging lamps create a sense of greater ceiling height. This is beneficial for low ceiling environments, as an optical illusion of additional space is created.

(1) Sofa and ceiling lamp by Gamadecor. Flooring and cladding by Porcelanosa. (2) Kitchen and ceiling lamp by Gamadecor. (3) Kitchen, stools and lamp by Gamadecor.

In short, ceiling lamps offer a combination of functionality and aesthetics. This makes them an ideal choice for indoor lighting. Versatility, style and capacity are some of the many advantages that contribute to the decoration of a space, in addition to general lighting.

Lighting in houses

The choice of ceiling lamps for different rooms in the house will depend on several factors. A room's dimensions, the style of decoration, or the height of the ceiling are some of the issues that need to be taken into account. Here are some ideas:

Armchairs and the Lio Table table lamp by Gamadecor. Floor tiles by Porcelanosa.
Armchairs and the Lio Table table lamp by Gamadecor. Floor tiles by Porcelanosa.

Living room. This type of lamp is an ideal choice to give an elegant touch to your living room or dining room. Diffuse screens or globes provide soft ambient lighting.

Kitchen. Recessed lights or spotlights are functional lighting options. It's also a good idea to place a lamp on the ceiling facing the kitchen island or work area.

Kitchen and Plec lamp by Gamadecor. Floor by L'Antic Colonial.

Peonza ceiling lamp by Gamadecor. Wood effect cladding by Porcelanosa.

Bedroom. Installing a hanging lamp in the center of the room is a practical way to embellish the whole ensemble. A ceiling lamp that has the nightstand as a focal point stylizes the environment and is a very practical option.

Bathroom. Recessed lights provide uniform lighting in the room. If you're looking for an alternative, with a hanging lamp you'll get a toilet with personality. This is something that will definitely not go unnoticed.

Pappardelle furniture and ceiling lamp by Gamadecor.
Pappardelle furniture and ceiling lamp by Gamadecor.

Pappardelle armchair and ceiling lamp by Gamadecor. Floor tiles by Porcelanosa. Cladding by L'Antic Colonial. Table by XTONE.
Peonza armchair and ceiling lamp by Gamadecor. Floor tiles by Porcelanosa. Cladding by L'Antic Colonial. Table by XTONE.

Reading corner. If you have an exclusive area for reading, with your own bookcase and armchair, consider incorporating a ceiling lamp. In these spaces in particular, good lighting is essential. This way, your eyes don't get tired and you enjoy every single page of your favorite book.

The 7 most elegant ceiling lamps

Gamadecor selects the 7 models of ceiling lamps that best suit the style of a room. Its lamps feature surprising designs and create an atmosphere with character and coziness at the same time.


This modern design combines minimalism and elegance. Available in Sable finish with white or all-white interior. Its globe-like bulb lights up any space with style.

Muelle ceiling lamp


This ceiling lamp fuses industrial style thanks to its Sable finish. Its design simulates a marine pier, adding a touch of originality and character. A bold and avant-garde choice.

Peonza ceiling lamp


This model, in Sable finish with built-in LED, radiates elegance and minimalism. Subtle and modern, Peonza adds a sophisticated touch to any environment, making lighting an art.

Drop ceiling lamp


With its clear glass globe housing a delicate bulb inside, Drop embodies incomparable elegance. Its timeless and sophisticated design gives distinction and luminosity to any environment.

Pappardelle ceiling lamp


This ceiling lamp made from Krion® dazzles with its unique design. The interior fold is home to the bulb, creating an exceptional shape. A masterpiece that enhances rooms.

Saturn ceiling lamp


This lighting piece evokes the majesty of a planet. It features a surprising design: a black ring that surrounds the bulb and creates a celestial effect.

Lio ceiling lamp

Lio Table

The table lamp Lio combines elegance with an industrial touch. Made with a Sable finish, its design distills style and character. The perfect lighting to add sophistication to your space.

Ceiling lamps in contract spaces

Ceiling lights are often used in commercial and business environments, such as restaurants, hotels, offices, retail stores and other public places. This type of lighting contributes to the aesthetics and design of the place, creating an appropriate atmosphere.

There are some parameters that should be considered before placing lamps in contract spaces: the height, the distance between the user and the piece, and the color of light.

Flat lamp by Gamadecor and cladding by Porcelanosa.

Plec lamp by Gamadecor. Cladding and floor by L'Antic Colonial.

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