January 29, 2021


XTONE moves towards customised furniture design

The sintered mineral compact from Porcelanosa offers new finished product solutions and natural textures inspired by marble, stone and wood.

The XTONE sintered compact material from Urbatek (PORCELANOSA Group) has enhanced its image and widened its scope with new finished product solutions aimed at the designer furnishings market.

Its new aesthetic lines allow for greater customisation of each model (Make it your own), with more natural finishes that reproduce the brightness and texture of marble, wood, stone and industrial materials such as concrete and metal. "Our evolution has no limits: we're looking to expand the XTONE brand with new design concepts that improve spaces based on the timelessness and exclusivity of our collections" says an Urbatek representative.

Tables, shower trays, baths and washbasins are just some of the new pieces the XTONE brand is looking to promote, with new, more resistant, hygienic and sustainable combinations.

The elegance of XTONE tables

Versatile and bespoke new XTONE tables range from classic geometric forms designed in ceramics (Whole Ceramic) to ultra contemporary aluminium structures (Steel Ceramic).

Whole Ceramic

Made up of five collections, the Whole Ceramic series includes indoor and outdoor tables, and the Mix & Match options offer a choice of three different types of legs in square, arrow and rectangular shapes.

There are five different surfaces available: XTC, XTS, XTR, XTF and XTO and all come in nature, polished and silk finishes with legs up to 75 cm.

Steel Ceramic

This XTONE table line features a multidisciplinary design and aluminium legs across two collections:

  • XTA projects a visual sensation of softness with its rounded edge design. The structure, with chrome finish levellers, supports the tabletop - available in a rectangular or circular format. 
  • XTL is a table with a robust extruded aluminium structure complemented to perfection by the recessed tabletop, creating an overarching visual design. 

Download the XTONE table catalogue 

XTONE in bathrooms

XTONE's bathroom possibilities have also been added to, with three new non-slip shower trays:

XSC Glem XTone Urbatek Porcelanosa


XSC is slightly sloping shower tray in a minimal design that blends in with the main flooring. 

XSF XTone Urbatek Porcelanosa


XSF has the same drainage system as the previous one, but its main difference lies in the fine frame that lifts it subtly above ground level.

XSU XTone Urbatek Porcelanosa


XSU is a flat shower tray with a frame that creates continuity with the bathroom flooring.

XTONE baths

XTONE baths stand out for their flat surfaces and ergonomic design. The XPF bath by XTONE is defined by its exclusive design and elegant straight lines.

XTONE washbasins

The new XTONE washbasins champion the type of minimalist design that integrates each element into the space as if it were a component part.

Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colours, these models can be adapted to any bathroom thanks to the Deep&Flat concept.

The Deep series directs the flow of water to a linear opening, whilst the Flat series has a flat, accessible cover.

Download the XTONE bathroom catalogue 

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