December 31, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


XLight Premium by Urbatek, large-format ceramic inspired by marble

The highly resistant pieces come in a thickness of 6mm, which makes their installation as floor and wall tiles in residential interiors easier.

Available in the Silk and Polished finish, it stands out because of its remarkable veining which ranges from grey to golden.

In line with the extra slim and large-format porcelain, Urbatek has developed new XLight designs which are inspired by marble. Elements which accurately reproduce the pigmentation and veining of this raw material which, has been used since ancient times in architecture.

 Large format. Available in 120cmx250cm, and 120cmx120cm.

XLight Premium offers a wide range of colours which takes the essence of the polished finishes and the matt surfaces which are typical of marble. Its veining ranges from grey to golden, enveloping the piece on a background which incorporates a big array of whites.

Light and strong. A thickness of just 6mm.

The continuous ceramic technology evolution offers a huge number of qualities, both aesthetic and technical, to XLight Premium. This collection can be used in architecture and design as:
a large-format façade; interior floor tile in residentials; wall tiles or furniture coverings.

100% natural. Consisting of top-quality elements.

XLight Premium remains unaffected over the years thanks to its timeless aesthetic, as well as its composition. It is able to withstand extreme weather conditions like solar radiation (UV), contact with chemical solvents, abrasion and thermal shock. Similarly, it can be installed in wet areas because of its: waterproofing properties; zero porosity; being anti-bacterial and its resistance to fungi and bacteria.

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