June 14, 2018

XLight Arcan by Urbatek revitalises what is inert

Traditional architecture and high innovation are together in every piece by Urbatek. In its relentless search for achieving bigger and ultrafine shapes, the firm has got decisive and sculptural pieces, which provide harmony to every project.

This is the case with XLight Arcan, which belongs to the family of through-body porcelain tiles and thin thickness. Its design, which is full of textures and nuances, integrates all of its compositions. Full of plasticity and creative freedom, its tone and expressive variations depend on the light which shines on them. This, in turn, strengthens the metallic finish, whose rust formula is its main characteristic.

Industrial style with a special character

The magnitude of this large-sized piece, available in 120cmx250cm for coverings, both interiors and facades, or 120cmx120cm for residential interior floor tiles, creates a unique continuity wherever it is used. This abundance of space is made even bigger with tones such as: Dark, Beige, Taupe, Corten and Grey.

Whereas XLight Arcan Corten introduces a strong industrial style because of its wide range of browns, and reddish and orangey tones; XLight Arcan Dark reinterprets satin brushed black steel on the surface.Dazzle with grey in a black finish. Industrial design with a special character.


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