November 19, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019

Architecture awards

The 11th Porcelanosa Awards: The PORCELANOSA Grupo’s central showroom is extended with infinite designs

Alberto Acosta Hernández and Jorge Henríquez Yanes have become finalists in the category of Forward-Looking Projects – Students.

Their project is inspired by circular sand movement which gives the space more spaciousness.

Alberto Acosta Hernández and Jorge Henríquez Yanes from the  Máster BIM – Oficial de Autodesk at the CICE School in Madrid, are finalists at the PORCELANOSA Grupo’s 11th Architecture and Design Awards. Their project to renovate the firm’s central showroom in Vila-Real, was included in the category of Forward Looking Project- Students, banking on structure and shape innovation.

A blank canvas for pondering

The project ponders both the design reach and its limits. The different areas making up this space have been thought up like a blank canvas where, the creators offer planned interior architecture. We are dealing with the first step in architectural balance.

The building envelope, manufactured with wooden slats in different heights, emerges to demarcate the specific area of the eight firms from the Grupo. In its interior, Acosta and Henríquez include a central work island from which other spaces are created by following the same aesthetic.

The tables and interactive material included here, allow the visitor to immerse themselves in the world of the PORCELANOSA Grupo through its materials. An initial contact which is completed with the ‘skin’ which made up the ceiling. The universe as a source of creativity.

Inspired by desert sand dunes and circular sand currents, the ceiling can be seen in motion through the wood and curvilinear shapes. A cosmological structure which stands out because of the flooring and covering in white and the metallic logo of the PORCELANOSA Grupo. Minimal tones which contrast with the warmth of the wood, the standout material in the whole set.

The presentation of solutions, work and rest areas are visually connected and work like a harmonious set. Its elements, which are combined and balanced, allow the range of showroom possibilities to be expanded with the rewriting of their own limits. The architectural response which challenges gravity.

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