June 8, 2021


World Oceans Day and PORCELANOSA ECO

Our planet’s resources aren’t infinite, so we all need to do our part to ensure their longevity. The 8th of June marks World Oceans Day, and to help save our oceans and marine creatures, the PORCELANOSA Group has created PORCELANOSA ECO, a management model that reinforces responsible production and consumption.

This initiative aims to transform basic raw materials into products that are more environmentally friendly. To achieve this, the brand has pledged to reuse waste generated during other manufacturing processes and to optimise energy resources.

For example, PORCELANOSA Group has also developed r eco – the first adhesive additive for ceramic tile installation that is made of 100% recycled plastic materials. R eco includes 250 grams of postconsumer recycled plastic, equivalent to 50 supermarket bags. If all PORCELANOSA ceramic tiles were installed using r eco, it would reduce annual quantities of plastic poured into the ocean by 800 MT / year.


Another Porcelanosa ECO development is KRION Shell®: an Engineered Mineral Composite consisting of two parts: a structural inner core and a solid uniform outer surface made of mineral materials and resins.

At least 5% of the total composition of KRION Shell® is made up of waste plastic and, to bind the materials, an eco-friendly resin is used made of waste plastic. By using recycled PET plastics, waste materials are given a new life using a circular economy approach.

Advances made by Noken, the bathroom company of the PORCELANOSA Group, in sustainability have also created a range of equipment capable of saving water and energy, as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

WaterForest is part of the PORCELANOSA Group’s ECO concept. It is an initiative which encourages the saving of resources for the preservation of the future, a commitment that saves up to 89% of water. The range also contributes to obtaining international certificates for sustainable buildings such as LEED and BREEAM.

Noken has developed ECO double flush system for toilets, which adjusts the quantity of water flushed according to the needs of the user.

It has also developed AIR ECO technology for head showers and hand showers, using an aerator that mixes water with air bubbles to reduce water consumption without mitigating on pressure.

ECO aerators limit the flow of water to a maximum number of litres per minute, regardless of pressure. With ECO WaterForest aerators consumption can be reduced by up to 1.3 litres a minute.


To learn more about PORCELANOSA ECO please click here

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