March 18, 2024


Why Krion worktop is the best choice for your kitchen

The versatility and design of the Krion worktop creates kitchens with a timeless aesthetic.

Elegance, versatility and design. The cutting-edge material Krion® has excellent technical properties and a unique look. In today’s post we explore the features and possibilities offered by the Krion® worktop.

Ambiente con Krion® en la cocina y en la mesa.

Ambience with Krion® in the kitchen and at the table.

Advantages of the Krion worktop

The composition of Krion® LUX makes it an ideal material for creating a seamless kitchen worktop. Compared to other materials, it has a functional and technical superiority. These are the main properties of the Krion® material:

  • Hygiene. With traditional materials, over time, dampness, liquid seepage and dirt often develop in the joints of the surfaces. The Krion worktop without visible joints creates continuous surfaces without corners, preventing the accumulation of dirt. In addition, the Krion® worktop has almost no porosity, thus preventing the proliferation of microorganisms on its surface.
  • Resistance. Krion worktops are highly resistant to knocks, stains, chemicals and high temperatures. On the other hand, deeper scratches in the Krion worktop can be easily repaired. And this can be done with a simple polishing that regenerates the material.
  • Thermoformable. It has the capacity to adapt to any design as if it were a single piece. The invisible joints and no corners of the Krion® LUX worktop give spaces a more polished aesthetic. This quality also multiplies the creative possibilities in the design and spatial application of the material.
  • Flame retardant. Krion material is heat-insulating thanks to its low thermal conductivity, which makes it resistant to high temperatures and changes in temperature. This gives it very interesting safety conditions for a kitchen worktop. It is suitable for interior and exterior finishes. This is why it is one of the preferred choices of architects. If you want to know more about this property of Krion®, here we explain it better.

(1) Room with kitchen island, splashback and Krion® worktop. (2) Splashback and Krion® worktop in the seamless kitchen.

Krion worktop design

Without any visible joints in the kitchen worktop, you can be more creative and design a unique kitchen. You can achieve the style you want, combining different tones, textures and shapes to create a personalised space.

The versatility of Krion® LUX allows you to create bespoke designs: from worktops to integrated sinks. Thus, a uniform and sophisticated look is offered. To achieve a 10-point décor with Krion® worktops, we suggest the following tips:

  • Elegant minimalism. Opt for neutral colours and clean lines to highlight the purity and simplicity of the material. With a refined aesthetic, elegant minimalism creates spaces that convey calm and refinement.
  • Subtle complements. Add delicate details. The important thing is to enhance the beauty of the Krion worktop. Place decorative elements, such as ceramic bowls or vases; even a painting or a poster. You can also add a natural touch with plants.
  • Strategic lighting. With the right lighting you can bring out the beauty of seamless kitchen worktops. Create points of light that enhance the finish and colours of the material. And with pendant lights, the atmosphere will be more decorative and welcoming.
  • Contrast of materials. Combine Krion® LUX with other materials. Wood or stainless steel add depth and variety to the décor of your seamless kitchen worktop. For this reason, incorporate these materials into kitchen fronts, furniture or other details.

In addition, semi-finished sinks made of the material Krion® complement your kitchen worktops without visible joints. They create a harmonious, seamless look. Their all-white design, heat, impact and stain resistance make them the ideal choice for a durable and functional kitchen.

Krion® worktop and sink.

Cleaning the Krion worktop

We have already told you why you should choose Krion for your worktop. The smooth, continuous surfaces, free of microorganisms, make cleaning easier and quicker. Here is the correct procedure for cleaning the Krion worktop.

  • Daily cleaning: to maintain its appearance, it is very important that you clean it immediately after a stain occurs. Use a microfibre cloth, cloth or sponge to clean the surface.
  • Cleaning stubborn stains: In case of stubborn stains on Krion® LUX follow these steps:
Krion® worktop in the E 7.30 Roble Noche kitchen, by Gamadecor and Spring taps, by Noken.
  • Apply a micro-particle cleaner to the stain (you can use K-CREAM), and dampen with a white scouring pad.
  • Using circular movements, rub the stain until it disappears.
  • If necessary, repeat the action and press gently.
  • Finally, remove the excess cream with a cleaning cloth. Rinse with water and dry the surface.

When you have finished, if you notice differences between the finish of the stained area and the rest of the surface, repeat the procedure. This time, around the treated area and the rest of the Krion® worktop surface. In this way, you will homogenise the surface until the difference in tone disappears.

Porcelain worktops: the alternative

Krion in the worktop has multiple advantages, just like other Porcelanosa worktop models, such as porcelain tiles. The technical properties of XTONE make it a great choice as a seamless kitchen worktop. Thanks to the format and the variety of collections of the material, it is possible to create surfaces with avant-garde designs.

The aesthetic solutions offered by porcelain surfaces allow them to be integrated into the space; in this case, the kitchen. This material has several application possibilities, which you can discover in this link.

Cocina con encimera de porcelánico XTONE Calacatta Viola.
Kitchen with XTONE Calacatta Viola porcelain worktop.

Continuous design. The large-format boards make it possible to create continuity in the graphic development from piece to piece. The surface design creates an exclusive background with exquisite continuity.

Imperceptible joints. The adaptability of the pieces in any space or application becomes a reality thanks to their versatility. The large surfaces create seamless designs and become an aesthetic and functional option; ideal for any type of project.

Encimera porcelánica XTONE Invisible White Polished.
XTONEInvisible White Polished porcelain worktop.
Cocina con fregadero integrado XTONE Liem Dark Nature.
Kitchen with integrated sink XTONE Liem Dark Nature.

Integrated sinks. The surface adapts to your needs and tastes, allowing you to personalise and give life to the finished product. The graphic continuity of the material allows for a unique visual design, incorporating the sink.

Hidden cookers. An innovative, functional and aesthetic concept. The material adapts, giving way to new designs. This solution allows the hobs to be integrated into the surface itself, hiding in plain sight.

Encimera inductiva dual invisible Smart Kitchen, de Gamadecor, revestida con XTONE Carrara White.
Gamadecor Smart Kitchen invisible dual inductive worktop, covered with XTONE Carrara White.

Natural stone worktops

Natural stone worktops represent a timeless choice for exclusive kitchen design. The richness of materials such as granite, marble or quartzite adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to the room. The unique beauty of the veins and natural colours creates warm and welcoming spaces.

At the same time, natural stone guarantees exceptional durability: scratch-resistant, high temperature resistant, hygienic and antibacterial material. This makes it a good choice for the long term.

Granite is ideal for active kitchen environments. Marble, on the other hand, with its polished finish and tactile smoothness, adds sophistication. Quartzite, a durable and easy-to-maintain alternative, offers a wide range of design options.

Natural stone worktops are appreciated for their uniqueness and character. In addition, their ability to withstand daily wear and tear makes them a practical and aesthetically appealing choice. In short, the choice of natural stone worktops for the kitchen fuses natural beauty with functionality. In this way, natural stone transforms spaces where art and practicality converge harmoniously.

Altissima Blue Roma Polished natural stone worktop by XTONE.

In short, Krion is a fusion of elegance and functionality with a lot of potential in kitchen worktops. From its natural stone-like appearance to its customisation, the Krion worktop is a world to be explored. A journey where creativity, durability and beauty meet in perfect harmony. Although we can also find alternatives, such as porcelain or natural stone worktops.

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