March 12, 2020

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Wood flooring ideas

The beauty of wood flooring in the home is the sheer sensual experience that timber offers. Warm under foot, visually impressive, evocative of the outdoors and nature wood flooring is timeless. Whether you prefer to avoid the hassle of timber flooring maintenance by choosing a wood effect floor tiles. Or want to take advantage of the technological advances in engineered flooring there is a suitable timber floor for your tastes and needs. This article considers home wood flooring ideas including different wood floor types and rooms.

Dark wood flooring ideas

There is something time-honoured and anchored about dark wood flooring. It sets the stage for everything else in the room. Combine with white or off-white wall finishes in order to maximise the effect.

Grey wood flooring ideas

Although trending for a few years now the grey wood floor still feels fresh and highly contemporary. Just as grey is the new black in terms of décor the grey floor puts a spin on the warmth of timber with a contemporary twist.

White wood flooring ideas

Avant-garde and sun kissed the white wood floor looks like it has been bleached by the elements. Great for kitchens and other areas of the home where light is a premium like the living room and dining areas.

Wood flooring ideas for the living room

If there is one room in the house where wood flooring is going to pay off it’s the living room. Scatter rugs around the room to create islands of seating reading areas and other focal points.

Dining room wood flooring ideas

A timber floor is the perfect stage to set the dining table, especially if there are matching chairs. A well set dining table slightly reflected in a polished timber floor communicates well being and wholesomeness. Choose an engineered or hard wearing timber floor that can be easily maintained. An oiled timber floor will look impressive and the process actually strengthens the wood.

Hallway wood flooring ideas

The entrance sets the tone for the entire home. There is nothing like the warmth of a timber floor to create an ambience of welcome. Be creative, Chevron or Herringbone parquet can be paired with a designer hall stand or coat stand to provide a designer flourish.

Modern wood flooring ideas

Timber technology is keeping pace with material advances in other sectors. Contemporary engineered floors with their thin hardwood veneer can stand up to practically any wear and tear. The natural wood range covers the entire spectrum, from blonde to dark.

Rustic wood flooring ideas

Traditionally wide plank timber flooring was favoured. Before the age of mass production local trees were felled and cut into wide planks which nowadays are back in vogue. Distressed and high contrast timber floors can also evoke the rustic ambience.

Contemporary wood flooring ideas  

Designers are focusing not only on the choice of wood but the finish. Satin or matt rather than highly polished is currently trending. Other impacting wood finishes include wire brushed, distressed and oiled.

FAQs regarding wood flooring ideas
How difficult is it to clean timber floors?

Timber flooring maintenance is relatively straight forward, follow this link to learn more about how to clean natural wood flooring.

What is the most durable wood floor?

Hardwoods, however for anyone concerned about climate change the range of wood effect floor tiles recreates the look.

What is the best wooden flooring?

Flooring is worth pushing the boat out when it comes to decorating budgets. A good quality floor with not only bring years of pleasure but is a good investment.

What is the most popular wood floor colour?

Engineered timber flooring in oak is among the most popular in the UK, the knotted grain and lighter shade variety is especially appreciated.

What colour wood floors are in style 2020?

Grey and lighter shades such as blonde and white are currently dominating interior design magazines.


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