July 12, 2019 | Updated: June 8, 2021

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5 Amazing Bathrooms With Wood Effect Wall Tiles

Nothing beats wood when it comes to creating a beautiful and timeless interior. So, why not use it in the bathroom?

Many would think that mixing wood with moisture sounds like a recipe for disaster, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to wood effect tiles, you can combine the beauty and natural warmth of wood with the durability and easy care of gres, achieving a spa-like feel that brings relaxation and tranquillity and carries all your problems away. To prove it we bring you a selection of bathrooms with wood effect wall tiles that will leave you wanting more. Just scroll below to find them.


#1. Wooden accent wall in the bathroom

Wood-look tiles are the perfect material for that accent wall that you’ve always wanted. 

Combine them with grey tiles and black finishes to achieve a Japandi look such as the one you can see in the picture.


Manhattan Cognac




#2. Beautiful white and wood bathroom

There are many colour schemes that one can use when decorating a bathroom but few are currently as trendy as the wood and white colour palette.

The great advantage of this mixture is that while white brings modernity to the setting, wood adds a certain timeless appeal to the space that never goes out of fashion. A perfect combination of classic and contemporary.


Ewood Camel Nature





#3. Geometric Bathroom tiles

If you are looking for a trendy tile, try geometric tiles for bathroom walls.

Geometric wall tiles are ideal for adding visual interest to your bathroom, even more so if you combine them with large square ceramic tiles, as in the case here. The result is simply striking.


Taco Oxford Cognac




#4. Feng Shui for the modern bathroom

Some Feng Shui experts recommend using earthy elements to balance the energy in the bathroom. 

According to this, the colours recommended for the bathrooms are pastels, earthy shades and white tones. In this sense, we recommend you use bathroom tiles of different shades to obtain a warm and cosy atmosphere that follows the rules of this traditional Chinese concept.


Nobu Arce




#5. Wood and concrete effect tiles for the bathroom

If you are looking for an industrial look and feel for your bathroom, concrete finished floor tiles are perfect for you. 

Combine them with wood effect wall tiles and white sanitaryware to create a stylish bathroom that always feels fresh yet lived-in.

Liston Madera Roble




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