September 10, 2015 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Wider and longer-lasting floors thanks to Advance Premium natural wood

L’Antic Colonial goes a step further with regard to its avant-garde natural wood flooring by means of the new Advance Premium range, a new natural wood parquet conceived to create natural functional atmospheres, and mostly with more uniform aesthetics.

Integrated into the Advance series of the wood and natural stone by the PORCELANOSA Grupo firm, this new parquet is characterised by conveying more wideness and uniformity to spaces thanks to the fact of presenting a larger format than its counterparts, Advance and Advance Unique.

With a width of 25cm and 240cm in length, this new flooring also has a thickness which is bigger than 1,4cm, from which 9mm belong to the intermediate layer, and it is the one responsible for providing the piece with balance. Hence, not only does it have the power to enlarge spaces, but also provides them with a higher resistance and durability.

Furthermore, for a greater durability, L’Antic Colonial has provided this parquet with an installation system which is even more simple and stable, in other words, the Lock system, which allows the union of wooden slats to be more solid and resistant to ageing.

Advance Premium flooring is presented in a wide chromatic variety ranging from light colours with Advance Premium 1L Auckland to the darkest colours such as Advance Premium 1L Albany, as well as the finishes in greyish colour tones such as Advance Premium 1L Brisbane and Sidney.

Manufactured with certified quality raw materials, L’Antic Colonial launches a new refined design  with a unique touch, thus, conveying the whole authenticity of natural wood in the most demanding sophisticated interior projects.

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