June 28, 2019

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Why to use ceramic parquet all over the house?

In recent years, ceramic parquet has become one of the most popular flooring options thanks to its ability to mimic the look and appearance of almost every kind of wood in a wide range of styles, hues, and finishes. Plus, it’s kid, pet and allergy friendly, highly resistant and easy to clean, which make it a firm favourite with many homeowners who are looking for comfort and durability all in one.

That is why the FGS Project Studio has decided to use it in every room of this cosy apartment located in Grosseto (Italy), including the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom, as you will see below. What did they get out of this? For one thing, the ceramic wood finish tile used in this project give continuity and bring extra warmth to the house. For another, this ceramic parquet provides elegance and high functionality to the space, making daily tasks easier and quicker.

The benefits of ceramic parquet in high-traffic areas

A project by FGS Project Studio

Nowadays, wood effect tiles look so much like hardwood planks that you will have trouble telling the difference. For this reason, they are perfect for spaces seeking the purity of wood without giving up on the resistance and technical performance of ceramic. In this regard, they can handle even the highest traffic areas, such as entries, kitchens, hallways, and living rooms, without showing much wear and tear because of their extreme durability and chemical resistant capabilities.

The versatility of wood-effect ceramic tiles

Ceramic parquet offers an immense variety of design possibilities and goes well with almost every style of decoration.  For example, it combines remarkably well with hydraulic tiles and white cabinets, as the image above shows, creating a timeless look, both striking and attractive.

The anti-slip properties of ceramic parquet

A project by FGS Project Studio

When choosing the flooring for your bathroom or kitchen, you must consider options with anti-slip properties, such as some ranges of ceramic tiles. The main reason is the following: maximise the safety and functionality of wet areas, ensuring the highest level of security for your family and home. In this regard, ceramic parquet is the ideal material for wet zones due to its resistance, durability and easy-to-clean properties. Moreover, there are some versions available today on the market with an anti-slip surface, which are ideal for wet areas and outdoor use.


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