January 15, 2024


The heated towel rail: what every bathroom needs in winter

Whichever size or shape you opt for, heated towel rails create wonderfully welcoming bathrooms

Stepping out of a shower or relaxing bath and having a lovely warm towel or dressing gown ready to wrap up in. It’s one of the greatest indulgences in the winter months. This post answers all the questions you need to know about heated towel rails.

OXO towel radiator by Noken.

OXO towel radiator by Noken.

Benefits of heated towel rails

First, let’s take a look at the benefits of having a heated towel rail in your bathroom. Before explaining the various designs available, how they work and other details, let’s look at why you should install one.

Capacity to dry and heat towels and dressing gowns. The constant heat source means towels dry quickly, keeping them warm and ready to use.

Reduced moisture, which in turn prevents the proliferation of mould and fungi in the room.

Instalación sencilla. Numerous heated towel rail designs are compatible with existing plumbing systems. As such, it’s much easier to install. The only requirement is a wall with sufficient space.

Easy to clean. The modular, accessible construction allows for quick, fuss-free cleaning.

Aesthetics. The space-saving slim and compact design is another winning benefit. Thanks to their compact size, towel radiators are an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms and spaces. The design optimises the use of space, simultaneously elevating this functional piece to decorative status.

(1) Scheme with Square heated towel rail by Noken. (2) Round towel radiator and Tono bath, by Noken.

How a heated towel rail works

Heated towel rails can be divided into three categories:

Water-heated towel rail: directly connected to the water heater of the house, allowing for energy savings. This type of heated towel rail comes on at the same time and temperature as the central heating.

Electric towel rail: it’s connected directly to your mains electrics. The rail is switched on only when in use. You don’t need to switch on an electric heated towel rail for long, just as and when you need it. There are two types of electric towel rails. On the one hand, a switch operated system (on and off). The second type gives you the option to customise the temperature and heating times using the thermostat.

Radiator towel rail: if you’re looking for an intermediate option, this is the one for you. Combining water and electricity. In winter, you can use the water-heated version. And in the warmer seasons, you can use the electrical function.

Where to fit your towel rail

Positioning the towel rail in the right place is key to optimum performance. The most common option is to install it on a wall close to the bath or shower. Positioned strategically, it gives you easy access to towels at the same time as warming up your bathroom. This will depend on the dimensions of the room, as well as the layout of the various bathroom fittings and furnishings.

(1) Tub heated towel rail by Noken. (2) Lounge electric heated towel rail by Noken. (3) Oxo heated towel rails by Noken.

How high up should the heated towel rail be mounted in the bathroom?

Getting the position of your heated towel rail right is essential for maximum efficiency, guaranteeing an optimum bathroom experience. It’s a good idea to fit your heated towel rail at an accessible, functional height to suit all bathroom users.

Generally speaking, they’re installed around 1.2 to 1.5 metres from floor level; at shoulder height. This height makes it easier to hang and remove the towels. It also makes better use of the warmed air, distributing it evenly throughout the room.

To get the exact right height, you should always consider the layout of the bathroom and furnishings. The aim? To achieve a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. At the same time, you need to make sure your radiator towel rail fits naturally into the design of the space.

The perfect bathroom towel rail design

This type of bathroom heating puts comfort and warmth front and centre. What’s more, it becomes another decorative piece in your room scheme. The different forms and finishes of Noken heated towel rails elevate the interior design of the space.

  • LOUNGE: One design, two sizes: you can adapt it to any space. With water-heated, electric thermostatic and electric touchscreen versions, this heated towel rail is an undisputed jewel in the crown of bathroom design.
  • TUB: The tubular forms add a chic edge to the space, making it both decorative and functional. Available in a wide range of finishes, each piece is lacquered to enhance the look whilst making it more durable.
  • TERRA: This WaterForest heated towel rail is made with recycled marble dust and binders, using a more energy efficient manufacturing process.
    Painted by hand, they give you the unmatched elegance of a stone-effect finish. An ideal choice for sleek and minimalist bathrooms.
  • (1) Terra towel radiator by Noken. (2) Round Oro Cepillado brushed gold heated towel rail by Noken. (3) Essence towel radiator by Noken.
  • OXO: This heated towel rail gives your bathroom the ideal blend of functionality and style. The rectangular form featuring geometric lines fits harmoniously into the overall aesthetic of the space. Available in chrome and matt black finishes.
  • ROUND: It’s all about the curves. The perfect example of the bold trend, this heated towel rail combines minimalism with soft forms. It’s available in Finish Studio finishes including gold and matt black.
  • SQUARE: The characteristic rectilinear design makes it a sculptural piece. Available in matt black and chrome. It gives the bathroom a modern look and character.
  • TONO: This heated towel rail is from an exclusive collection designed by studio Foster+Partners for Noken. The brushed stainless steel finish is an ode to minimalism and elegance.
  • ESSENCE: It has a different aesthetic from the rest, resembling a decorative panel. In white, chrome or matt black, it includes a set of hangers.

To sum up, a heated towel rail keeps your bathroom warm, drives out moisture from towels and elevates the space. It goes perfectly with the various designs in the room. First and foremost, you need to make sure your heated towel rail fits in with your other bathroom elements and the layout of the space.

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