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What colour goes with grey

The subtle combination of specific colours can transform an interior décor, whatever the room, introducing colour provides a fresh and contemporary make-over. Knowledge of colours and their successful combination is a science. However choosing colours that go well together is also a subjective decision and connected with what is in fashion at any given time. And currently grey is having a moment, making a come back in a big way. As a colour however grey works best in concert with other tones that lighten and lend a spark to its neutral palette.

Grey, white and yellow

White is an obvious choice to combine with grey because of its similarity in hue, yellow less so, nevertheless they make perfect bed fellows. The sunny, optimistic and positive vibes of yellow are the ideal foil to grey which is more sombre and serious. While also providing a lift and antidote to the sometimes antiseptic nature of white. But what is the best way to g about getting the best from each shade and making sure they work in harmony.

Grey and yellow living room

The living room should be a bright and airy space, white is a great colour to achieve these ends but it can be harsh and unforgiving. The next best thing must surely be grey, especially in its lighter hues. Grey is great as a background wall colour that can be complimented with a strong accent colour such as yellow, ideally for soft furnishings or a decorative objects. Furniture accessories and rugs also provide opportunities to break with the dominant colour in the space and provide an element of visual interest.

Credit: @connieyoungdesign

Grey and yellow bedrooms

Without doubt the furniture element that most dominates the bedroom is the bed itself and its decoration should set the tone for the rest of the room. Here creating a restful ambience is key. Bed linen, pillows, a throw and other elements like the headboard and night time table provide a canvas for the use of grey and yellow in the bedroom. You should not be nervous of different tones of grey, while yellow works beautifully as an accent colour.

Grey bathroom ideas

Grey is a classic timeless choice for the bathroom, in the same way as white is the enduring preference of many for sanitary fittings. Grey bathroom ideas and white go together. One of the most simple but impacting approaches to bathroom décor is the choice not only of a ceramic tile but the grouting. When it comes to wall tiling the impact of a darker grout with a lighter grey tile for example can be dramatic. Or vice versa. Introducing yellow for sink top bathroom accessories or soft furnishings can provide the jolt of colour that turns a bathroom from dull to interesting.

Credit: @nodusstudioarch

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