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Wellness experience at home with Noken Care and Noken Energy

Wellness systems beckon you to experience immersive and intimate self-care, turning bathrooms with a modern bath and shower

We often dream of getting away to a spa to take a break from the routine. However, everyday life takes place at home, but you have the option to create an atmosphere that conveys sensations of tranquillity, rest and disconnection thanks to the Noken Care and Noken Energy systems, which will enrich your wellness experience in the shower or bathtub.

The intense pace of modern life means we are constantly facing a wide variety of stimuli. As a result, it is crucial to learn to decide when to pay attention to them and when to disconnect. In response to FOMO or "fear of missing out", JOMO was born, the philosophy that encourages you to take more control of your time by freely choosing which plans you want to make, regardless of social pressure or appearances. This lifestyle teaches us to adjust our attention and make the most of our time.

Some of the beneficial practices of the JOMO philosophy include:

- Disconnecting digitally, taking a break from social media and disabling mobile device notifications.
- Living in the present.
- Taking advantage of downtime as a creative therapy.
- Creating a daily ritual or routine that leaves time for oneself.
- Finding time to relax and incorporate wellness technology into the bathroom.

Home spa

In the search for physical and mental well-being, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms incorporates the Care system. A technology that offers an unprecedented wellness experience in the bathtub.

Noken bathtubs with the Care system include up to three treatments:

- O2 microbubbles. The new Noken Care system is a wellness treatment that uses oxygen microbubbles with various benefits.

By enriching the water with oxygen, different benefits are achieved:

o 100% pure water with no additives to oxygenate, regenerate and moisturise skin.
o Accelerates the skin's cellular metabolism: the more oxygen the skin receives, the better it looks, as dead skin cells are replaced by new ones.
o Stimulates the natural production of collagen thanks to the bubbles, which better penetrate the skin.
o Reduction of wrinkles and skin lighting.

Beyond rejuvenating and improving the condition of skin, the Care system provides a series of advantages that help maintain an emotional and mental balance:

o Increased levels of serotonin. The more serotonin we have, the better our wellbeing, and it also has a positive impact on our night's sleep.
o Contributes to improved psychological well-being and better quality sleep.

- Hydrotherapy. That part of physical therapy that uses water in any state, form or temperature to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being.
- Chromotherapy. It stimulates the senses to reset the imbalances generated by the stress of daily life and/or to promote the most positive moods through the benefits of colour.

To realise all the benefits of this wellness experience and have a positive impact on the person's body and mind, the bath should last at least 20 minutes.

Now that good weather is upon us, the Care system especially pampers the skin, nourishing it and protecting it against the effects of the sun, high temperatures, chlorine from swimming pools or sea salt; which can irritate and accelerate its ageing.

Noken Energy: a wellness shower

Noken Energy shower heads for bathrooms with a modern bathtub and shower include a new type of jet that surrounds you with a gentle rain that relaxes and revitalises every part of the body to give you a daily spa experience at home. The Noken Energy spa shower system can also be found in hand showers.

The main features of these new shower heads are:

- Relaxation. Many more micro-droplets that make water fall like small, light drops, resulting in a spa shower that is much more relaxing and pleasurable.
- Practicality. The water falling gently on the skin means less splashing, keeping your bathroom cleaner.
- The silent system. The water exits the holes silently and falls gently on you, creating less noise than a standard shower, like having a spa at home.
Easy cleaning. The shower head also includes a self-cleaning system for the silicone nozzles to keep lime from building up on them.

In conclusion, the Noken Care and Noken Energy systems are ideal for creating a wellness experience at home, with multiple benefits for the body, skin and mind. These additional modern bath and shower technologies offer hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and spiritual harmony so that we can enjoy our relaxation and rest to the fullest.

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