October 11, 2019

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Different Ways to Create a Bathroom Accent Wall

Are you tired of your bathroom? Would you like to renew it without major refurbishments? Accent walls are the solution, as they create a substantial impact on a room’s design, add liveliness and contrast, and are typically a very inexpensive DIY project. Keep reading and discover some different ways to create a bathroom accent wall.

1. Patterned tile accent wall

Patterned tiles are having a revival in modern home design due to its versatility and aesthetic value. When applied on one wall, they give a space character and can elevate the look of your bathroom without doing anything drastic.

Credits: @walkerdesignltd

2. Wood-effect tile accent wall

Wood-effect tiles are the perfect material for creating an accent wall behind the shower. Combine them with cream tiles and white finishes and achieve a Spa look such as the one you can see in the picture below.

Credits: @voiceofmyhome

3. Mosaic tile accent wall

Instead of limiting the mosaic tiles to just a few centimetres above the sink, you can use them from floor to ceiling, creating a feature wall that will transform your space completely.

Credits: @vicprojects

4. Moroccan tile accent wall

Moroccan tiles are remarkably popular not only in Morocco but in the whole world, thanks to their exotic appearance, unusual character and handcraft finish.  When used in the bathroom, they provide a charming personal touch that adds both comfort and style to your home.

Credits: @nimadesigninteriors

5. Dimensional tile accent wall

Dimensional tiles are perfect for creating texture and movement to your interior design. Geometric or curvilinear, they always add a sculptural accent to your bathroom décor.

Credits: @katewilderinteriordesign

6. Natural stone accent wall

If your bathroom is all white or neutral, you might choose a natural stone slab that matches the style of the room, as you can see in the following picture. The result is simply timeless.

Credits: @karpassociatesinc
Credits: @karpassociatesinc

7. Natural stone mosaic accent wall

Another option is to choose a natural stone mosaic, which will give a rustic look and tactile feel to the bathroom.

Credits: @cstudiointeriors

8. Subway tile accent wall

Finally, subway tiles are a perfect choice for creating stunning feature walls, especially in the bathroom but also in the kitchen. They are available in a wide range of colours, textures and shapes, so you can choose the one that fits your personal style best.

Credits: @estudiomatmata


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