January 12, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


The warmth of wood in the bathroom with Par-Ker, high-tech ceramic

Today it is possible to obtain this atmosphere thanks to innovative materials with great technical features, while retaining a natural, rejuvenating aesthetic. This is the case with the original ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa –  Par-Ker. It is a solution for flooring and coverings which combines the warm, distinguished appearance of wood with the resistance and versatility of ceramic.

If anything differentiates Par-Ker, it is the resemblance of its finishes to natural wood, with veining, colours and knots. High-tech with endless aesthetic options, as well as high resistance and inalterability.

The advantages of using Par-Ker in the bathroom

  • Par-Ker ceramic parquet remains the same as on the first day, including in demanding spaces such as bathrooms.
  • Its ceramic technology is perfect for wet spaces, and areas in constant contact with water.
  • Par-Ker guarantees safety in the bathroom thanks to its anti-slip functions applied with nanotechnology, preventing slips which moisture and water may cause on other kinds of flooring and coverings.
  • Unaltered aesthetics over time: the material has a long lifespan and is resistant to wear and continuous use.
  • Possibility of installation over radiant heating systems.
  • It does not require maintenance due to its low porosity and high resistance to chemical agents.

Par-Ker with Shower Deck – wood as a shower tray

Par-Ker, along with construction systems firm Butech, has developed Shower Deck. It is a prefabricated, non-sloping shower tray solution created with Par-Ker ceramic parquet. This product is perfect for bathrooms with a simple, minimalist design, being perfectly integrated into the bathroom with an extra-flat shower tray and a finish inspired by natural wood.

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