25 January 2021 | Updated: 3 June 2021


The warmest ceramic woods for this winter

Porcelanosa selects some of the most natural collections by Par-ker® to give your home a more authentic, cosy feel.

When winter comes and the temperature drops, your home becomes a haven where you can fight the cold with warm designs.

To add personality and a sense of calm to your space, you could go for softer colours such as beige, terracotta, mustard or brown , velvety or wool textiles , paper or wood lighting, kilim rugs or parquet flooring.

Una serie de consejos decorativos a los que se suma PORCELANOSA Grupo con algunas de las colecciones PAR-KER® más destacadas para hacer de su hogar un truly original and warm space.

Delaware Nogal, the elegance of ceramic wood

Inspirada en las vetas y la nobleza del nogal, la madera cerámica Delaware Nogal de PAR-KER® presenta un cuidado diseño y una elevada resistencia en cada pieza. Incredibly versatile, the collection can be used on floors or walls in both of its shades: Natural and Nogal.

With formats ranging from 19.3 cm x 180 cm (also available in a non-slip version) to 29.4 cm x 120 cm, the matt, textured finishes bolster light and marry perfectly with leather armchairs, vintage furniture and rattan lighting.

Par-Ker Delaware Nogal 19.3 cm x 180 cm + 29.4 cm x 180 cm PorcelanosaClassic and understated Oxford Natural

Echoing the natural shine of centenarian European wood, the Oxford Natural collection brings warmth and continuity to spaces far from the hub of the home, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The six shades available: Natural, Cognac, Castaño, Acero, Antracita and Blanco, combined with their large format (19.3 cm x 120 cm and 29.4 x 120 cm) available as both floor or wall tiles, combine beautifully with wrought iron, wicker or marble decorative pieces.

Oxford Natural

Par-Ker Oxford Natural 29.4 cm x 120 cm + 19.3 cm x 120 cm 

Restrained Vancouver Moka

La colección Vancouver de PAR-KER® en su versión Moka destaca por la sobriedad y luz tenue que aporta a espacios como dormitorios o salones. The colours available: Brown, Honey, Moka, Nude and Sand, and the 25 cm x 150 cm format (for floors or walls) will further enhance the architectural characteristics of every space. This is especially true of interiors in neutral tones (greys, whites or beiges) and minimalist decor.

Par-Ker Vancouver Moka 25 cm x 150 cm Porcelanosa
Vancouver Moka

Par-Ker™ Vancouver Moka 25 cm x 150 cm 

Nebraska Tea, wood for Scandinavian style

This collection is the perfect choice for adding a Scandinavian feel to interiors with white or grey as the main theme. Its meticulous design recreates the grain and knots of cherry wood in both colours: Noir and Tea (with a non-slip version in 25 cm x 150 cm format) and finishes (matt and textured). What's more, the complementary cladding (Ice Nebraska Tea) featuring horizontal slats will turn walls into three-dimensional murals.

Par-Ker Nebraska Tea 25 cm x 150 cm Porcelanosa

Given that it can be used as either a floor or wall tile, the design of this collection allows you to create more spacious, brighter spaces, and it's the perfect complement to Nordic style furniture, minimalist wood lighting and chaise longues.

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