November 16, 2023

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Maximise your Small Kitchen with a Wall Mounted Breakfast Bar

Grabbing a morning coffee and a slice of toast at a wall-mounted breakfast bar is one of those fleeting joyful moments in life. Amidst the hullabaloo of the morning routine taking a second to savour our surroundings helps feed the soul and start the day on a high.

For a small kitchen, the wall-mounted breakfast bar is a godsend, in the average-sized kitchen it provides useful extra counter space. But the wall breakfast bar is also another opportunity to add comfort and custom design to your home. Through this article, we’ll be advising on all the aspects of this informal and practical element of contemporary kitchen design.

No matter what type of kitchen you have you don’t have to deprive yourself of the breakfast bar experience. Read on, we have you covered. This article explores all the different ways that the small kitchen can feel a lot bigger and more luxurious with a wall-mounted kitchen bar.

Oak wall mounted breakfast bar

Rustic Wood Top Roble Dusk breakfast bar (Available in-store)

A solution for every style of kitchen

Home and kitchen design today revolves around making life easier. Therefore, anything that is convenient or saves time is worth adding to our homes. That’s where the wall-mounted breakfast bar comes into its own. Not just for breakfast but lunch, and elevenses, or just a pick-me-up at any time of day.

The breakfast bars we see in so many design magazines and TV programmes won’t fit in every kitchen. Not all kitchens are palatial in size. So that’s why we recommend the wall bar, so you don’t have to miss out.

Natural stone wall mounted breakfast bar

Wall mounted bar:

the basics


For comfortable seating at the wall-mounted breakfast bar, there are two options: low stool or high stool height. Therefore, like a standard breakfast bar, the wall-mounted bar should be between 90 and 110 cm (36 inches and 42 inches) off the kitchen floor level. The particular circumstances of your kitchen will determine which you choose.

Similarly depending on the available dimensions, the wall-mounted breakfast bar should be between 30 and 45 cm (12 inches and 28 inches) deep. Even a narrow shelf however will prove useful for different uses. Allow for 60 cm (24 inches) per person in width along the length for comfortable side-by-side seating.

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The multiple uses of a wall-mounted breakfast bar

Nowadays with so much focus on the kitchen and home cooking prep counter space is a premium. There never seems to be enough, so, any available surface quickly gets press-ganged into service. This is like gold dust in the modern kitchen.

A wall mounted bar is not only useful for grabbing something to eat but also serves for several other uses. The following ideas are just a taster of how useful the wall bar can be:

  • A handy shelf to keep kitchen equipment like juicers, food processors or coffee makers. The wall-mounted breakfast bar can be treated as a shelf where attractive and well-designed kitchen equipment can be stored and displayed.
  • Extra surface for chopping and food preparation. This is invaluable when you have a small kitchen with a limited amount of worktop area.
  • The bar shelf width can be personalised with trinkets, ornaments and other personal items to put your family’s stamp on the kitchen. In a small kitchen, this transforms the overall ambience.
  • Take care to add a beautiful and attractive feature to the kitchen with ornamental wall tiles and an easy-maintenance surface counter.
  • Keep herbs and other plants on the wall-mounted breakfast bar for a healthy and living kitchen ornamentation.


Sintered stone breakfast bar

Xtone Sintered stone breakfast bar ©conmuchogustodecoracion (Available in-store)

Breakfast bar ideas for small kitchens

There are several ways that a wall bar can add to your enjoyment of a small kitchen. Whatever the layout we guarantee that one of the following suggestions will be suitable for your space. Get the dimensions and the materials right and the wall-mounted breakfast bar can add a designer feature. The following ideas cover almost all standard small kitchen configurations.

  • Brighten up a dark wall with a feature tile that covers the wall to head height. Add a narrow sturdy shelf and some feature lighting above and voila you have an informal dining bar.
  • If your kitchen is really small, with an awkward configuration and a breakfast bar would interfere with the circulation, then add hinges. That way when not in use it can be flipped down.

Kitchen with wooden wall mounted breakfast bar

  • Adding a shelf that runs across a window is a great way to occupy otherwise wasted space without interfering with the natural light. What’s more the extra light is perfect for snacking or informal dining.
  • Incorporate the wall-mounted breakfast bar with floating shelves on a kitchen wall to create an integrated unit. But make sure to get the heights right without causing a head-bumping hazard.
  • For the L-shaped kitchen configuration match the wall-mounted breakfast bar material to the worktop to make it look like a continuation of the design.
  • Add a bulkhead and boxed-out shelving to a kitchen wall and create a bespoke niche for an end-to-end bar counter.


Wall-mounted breakfast bar: materials & finishes

We recommend designing the wall-mounted breakfast bar within the overall context of the kitchen space. There is a wide variety of countertops to choose from nowadays, both traditional and cutting-edge. The following materials are amongst the most popular in UK kitchens:

  • Timber. The warmth and tactile quality of timber is hard to beat. Timber does require sealing and yearly maintenance however but even still it’s versatile and offers many different tones.
  • Metal. Suitable for modern and contemporary style kitchens. Metal is very strong and resistant to wear and tear, just a few mm thick can provide all the support required. Fold the edges over to avoid sharp angles and snag hazards.
  • Krion® is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ choice for kitchen worktops. The composite resin can be formed to suit and is nonporous.
  • Marble and ceramic. Great for matching an existing kitchen worktop.


Mineral stone wall mounted breakfast bar

Krion® mineral stone wall-mounted breakfast bar (Available in-store)

The wall finishes are just as important to get right as the countertop. Probably more so because the area behind the countertop will come in for a lot of abuse. And you don’t want to have to replace a finish down the line because it wears badly. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Match the flooring with a timber effect tile or a timber wainscot.
  • A decorative wallpaper always looks great but keep it over the wall bar.
  • Be creative with patterned ceramic tiles to add character to the informal dining experience.
  • Mosaics in metallic or reflective finishes on feature walls can sparkle in the light, day or night.


How to accessorise the wall-mounted breakfast bar

Use suitable accessories and lighting to prevent the wall-mounted breakfast bar from looking like an afterthought. By selecting existing materials in the kitchen space, the palette of finishes looks more coordinated. Lighting, similarly, should riff off the existing light fittings without appearing as something separate. After the countertop, the stools are the most important element of the wall bar.

  • Match the stools to the countertop with a similar or complementary material. A contrasting finish like minimal steel legs for the stool combined with a thick section shelf can look sophisticated. Timber counters and leather stool seats look good together. Or upholstery in a quality fabric for a highchair style seat which will combine well with a wood counter.
  • The supporting brackets for the timber or metal shelf add to the aesthetic. For thicker counters, you might prefer invisible fixings which look very modern.
  • Tableware and plate mats lend a warm and inviting quality to the wall bar. Store some of the items on the counter permanently to help customise the design.
  • Lighting is critical to enjoying our food and preparing it. Add a few spotlights directly overhead or a feature hanging light fitting.


Wall mounted breakfast wall with green featured wall

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Metropolitan Grass (Available in-store)

Discover the potential of your small kitchen

Through this article, we have illustrated how even a small kitchen can easily include a breakfast bar. With just a narrow shelf, the right wall treatment and some thoughtful lighting you too can have an eat-in kitchen. To really get a handle on the range of possibilities make an appointment at your nearest Porcelanosa showroom. For any questions drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.



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