October 31, 2019

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Wall hung toilets, the advantages of concealed cisterns

Decluttering the home is an ongoing struggle waged daily between living our busy lives and maintaining an ordered domestic environment. Design should be an ally in this daily quest, the more seamless and the simpler it is the better; the wall hung toilet is a case in point. The bathroom although normally the smallest room in the home can be the most intensive in terms of fittings and installations. With wall hung toilets one of those quintessential installations becomes greatly simplified in terms of its visual impact. Wall hung toilets involve concealing the cistern for the flush toilet within the wall and suspending the WC so that it appears to float above the floor. With this article we look at how to install wall hung toilets and some of the best sanitary collections featuring wall hung toilets.

Advantages and practical questions regarding wall hung toilets 

Ideally the bathroom or WC should be designed with the wall hung toilet in mind but even existing spaces can be refurbished to accommodate them. Wall studs and partitions must be sized in order to be capable of accommodating and supporting the weight of the cistern which depends on its capacity. One of the more obvious questions is how to repair wall hung toilets given that the cistern is concealed within the wall. Normally the flush mechanism has a cover plate that on removal allows an adult hand access to the cistern. A secondary larger access panel can also be included in the wall cladding but this depends on factors unique to every individual bathroom.

Essence-C Compact, smaller and more hygienic

The WaterForest range by Noken includes several different collections that feature wall hung toilets. The Essence-C Compact wall hung pack is an example of space saving fluid design defined by its rounded forms made possible by the innovative rimless system. Rimless toilets re-imagine the toilet bowl by removing the rim allowing for a more hygienic and water saving design. The entire bowl is smoothly modelled internally to ensure flushed water reaches the entire surface meaning the folded rim is no longer needed. With bathroom design every square centimetre counts so the Noken Essence-C Compact which measures just 51cm also helps save on space.  

Contemporary wall hung toilets

Wall hung toilets are one of the few innovations that have occurred with toilet pan design since the WC was popularised during the Victorian era. The Arquitect and Forma wall hung toilets also by Noken are just two examples where improvements in performance, hygiene and comfort are combined with greater environmentally friendly design (the ECO flushing system allows for savings of up to 56% on traditional toilets). While the soft close mechanism ensures greater acoustic and physical comfort. The futuristic silhouette appears to float in the air facilitating cleaning and converting the bathroom into a more efficient and attractive space. The Tono and Vitae collections designed respectively by Fosters + Partners and Zaha Hadid also include wall hung toilets. Sculptural artefacts manufactured in premier quality ceramic that transcend practical utility to become pieces of bathroom art. 


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